Ekero was a quirky, unusual sort, but Voah found him to be agreeable, especially his curious nature. Exploring the bounds of the farm that butted up against the woods, they came upon the large boulder. Voah couldn’t help but wonder about the little man’s findings with the sapling and was about to ask about it when she came to a realization.

The large stone was covered in moss, lichen, and… rust? No, it was a permanent stain of blood.

“It’s that wretched sacrificial stone… the foul thing…” Voah shook her head and sneered in disgust when she realized what she was looking at.

“Hmph. Some reward. A backhanded gift if ever I saw one”, she said to herself. It wasn’t surprising coming from Duke Stoneshade.

She had a strong desire to sanctify the rock in the name of the Pillars and curse the name of the boar god. She had no oil, no salt, no incense, nothing but her holy sword and blessed words to consecrate the detestable thing. But dare she bring herself to utter the benediction and summon them?

‘Daughter of Shame…’, she heard the echoes of the Preacher in her memories.

She sighed. Maybe she was. After all, she too had killed in the name of a deity. But it was different… wasn’t it?

‘Damn it all…’ The renegade Arbiter looked around to ensure there were no farmhands with prying eyes before she spat on the blood stone, laid her hand upon the spot, and wielded her blade with the other hand. She then began reciting the Aspect’s litanies to transubstantiate the water in her saliva and the oil in her skin to bless the area in the name of Kupen, Cambena, and Hoi, pointedly leaving out prayers to the Gods of War and Death.

The little bearded man watched her with inquisitive eyes.

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