Catching up

Drunken Hare - Ostiarium
JP with Lucian, Bandorchu, and Winteroak

Well, Alexis supposed, actually meeting the knight here would have been too much to hope for. It was already surprising enough to meet any familiar face at all.

Sargent Carver clearly wasn’t in high spirits, but honestly, who could blame her, with everything that was going down?

Alexis earnestly considered to leave the woman to drink in peace. Then again, greeting her could probably not hurt, and maybe she even had some news to share, or could give them an idea what was going on in the Keep before they had to inevitably brave the lion’s den. Although, Carver had been rather far along in her military service, hadn’t she? Could be she had been already released.

Either way, the Garrahn wasn’t too opposed to stall a little longer.

“What do you think, we could hear if she’s got something worthwhile to share before we move on to the Keep?”
she asked Tarmen, not wanting to just assume he was willing to waste even more time.

Tarmen looked at the soldier, debating in silence what to say.

They should move on, get this business over with to reduce a risk of things going wrong. They should, but if she was still working in the Keep, then she would know about the murders.

He spoke to Alexis, but kept his eyes on the other woman.

“Wouldn’t hurt to get her take on things before findin’ Zane. Have an idea of what has changed and who is still around.”

Alexis nodded, and went to the counter to get them a round of whatever the Sargent had been drowning her sorrows in.

She pushed one cup into Tarmen’s hands and proceeded to Carver’s table. She really wasn’t in the mood to drink but the frustrated looking woman certainly seemed to be, and could maybe even use more than one refill.

Alexis placed the cup next to the impressive collection on the table and addressed her former colleague calmly.

“Good evening, Sargent. Long time no see.”
Carver looked up with bloodshot eyes and grinned.

"Good evening to you too Slayer." She said and pointed at the empty stools in the other side of her table. "Guess it makes sense seeing you again now. Blood and glory and all that..." She jabbed.

Alexis rolled her eyes, but took the invitation, waiting for Tarmen to do the same.

“Yep. Blood and glory. Ain’t those just the best,” she commented drier than the desert they had recently escaped. “Whole city is a bundle of joyful anticipation.”

Carver chucked looking at the booze being offered. "Oh yes. The Purger really knows how to bring joy to the flocks..." She said sarcastically. "Where have you two been?" She asked off hand.

Tarmen took the gesture quietly, wondering if he should have taken the lead here. The tone of their greeting was nearly a mirror to his and Zane’s.

From her dour expression, he decided to avoid the usual sarcasm he would say, saving that for later.

“Been out on business for the Duke, just got back and were hopin’ to meet someone here before reportin’.”

"Business for the Duke hey?" She asked gulping her drink. "Careful boy, seems that the Duke thinks his assignments are for life now..." She said tapping her tabard that now signaled that she was a Captain.

"Whatever you do they always reel you back in, those bloody nobles..." She scoffed.

“Gotta get your drinking in where you can.”
“Wouldn’t let you go with war coming to the gates… figures.”

Alexis quietly concluded. She remembered the woman had been craving the end of her enlistment. That was bitter.

But she could see why they wanted to keep a hold on the experienced guard.

Tarmen smirked at the warning, an eyebrow flicking up with the movement.

It was a possibility he had thought of, the Duke keeping him and Alexis close by, especially after hearing their news no doubt.
While he could play coy all night long to avoid seeing the Duke though, he leaned forward onto the table as he got to his point.

“Speakin’ of bloody nobles, was wonderin’ if you knew anythin’ on the murders that happened. Specifically of Wim Riese.”

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