Communication Among Leaders

JP with Winteroak and Cindy

Islana sat in her new tent facing the Bonecaster and watching the ritual with interest. One she had witnessed many many times before but it still felt new. These conflicting stimuli could be rather unsettling sometimes. Some days Islana felt she was getting used to it, others she felt overwhelmed.

Behind the Bonecaster her most trusted advisors sat in silence.

There was a flash of blue in the man's eyes and when he spoke next his voice was not is own.

"Greetings Sister Locust. May your current reign be long and prosperous." Came the cavernous voice of Koshnem in perfect Odon, which of course she spoke fluently now.

It was always of interest to watch others with powers at work. The Bonecasters held a special interest. Islana also tried to be mindful of how taxing that ability could be to those that possess it and not overuse those who possess such abilities.

She heard the voice of Koshnem and almost nodded, then recalled he couldn't see her. "Greetings Koshnem. Thank you for that wish and may your reign be the same. I must say your reputation as a great warrior and strategist precedes you. I've heard of many of your victories." While what the Sister said was true, stroking the ego never hurt anything.

"I have heard much about you Sister." He started with a chuckle. "You have made quite the impression upon the Voice of Winter. She assures me your commitment to the destruction of the Stone City is unshakable." He said.

"Shalia Nix would be correct in that. She knows me quite well." Islana easily agreed before getting on to the business at hand, "I feel that speaking some of strategy tonight might be to our mutual advantage."

"A wise choice." Came the voice of thunder. "Reports say that you are halfway across the desert moving south." He continued slowly sure she would understand he was not spying but that a force such as hers could not move without everyone knowing. "The Horde continues to grow."

"The reports would be accurate. We are headed toward the former Winter pastures of the Odsier before reaching the Stone City. " Sister Locust mouthed the number to Agizul to make sure it was correct before proceeding. "The Horde stands at around 8,000 currently with more joining us at all times."

"Impressive." Came the honest assessment from the Warchieftan. "I will bring close to one thousand warriors to the gates of Ostiarium under my banner." Just by numbers alone, it was almost inconceivable that they would not triumph.
"The main question in my mind is what do we do to contend with the Inquisition? They proved very effective against the Odsier."

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