The Old Mother

At first Voah's brain felt fuzzy as the sudden voice reverborated like the sweet chime of a small distant bell; soft but clear. Voah froze at the sight of the woman. There was a strange recognition as she recalled the memory of a half-forgotten dream that graced her during her pilgrimage of the Shrine Cities. The woman's body was mostly concealed, but her pale features seemed to shine in contrast. Like deep shadows over the -!!! Voah gasped. It took but a moment before the realization hit her harder than she might have anticipated.

Even if she had the desire to remain standing, Voah's legs began to feel weak as if compelling her to kneel. Trembling slightly, she lowered herself to the ground and laying the sword down beside her, the renegade arbiter bowed in subservience and reverence to the Mistress of Night.

To Ekero's astonishment, he could understand this new pale woman whose visage skulked half hidden behind the hood, but what was more astonishing was that he understood clearly Voah's words as she tugged at his pantleg and said urgently, "Kneel! You behold the earthly presence of Ereuhin, the Moon Goddess."

The Old Mother stood among mortals.

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