All In A Day

One day before Dresden….

Tonight was cold to the point where Islana, bringing Aguzul and several guards with her, had walked half the camp to make sure the members of the Horde had what they needed. Any that didn't, which weren't many, were given provisions. She had sent Amastan and Izdärasen to check on the other side of the camp. While the young leader knew there were those that still questioned her as Sister Locust, she thought it better to care than not. Better not only for the morale of the troops but her own sense of self, as Islana was still the caring young woman she had always been.

By the time she returned back to her tent, it was late, and the redhead was exhausted. So, there was a goodnight to Aguzul, a goodnight to the Sk’elep, and then with Kaithak perched on her shoulder went into her pavilion.

The pavilion was still large, if slightly smaller than the one that had been destroyed in the fire. It wasn't quite as fancy but still had an air of importance to it, with its brown and blue colors and gold colored ornamentation that covered the outside.

Inside had skins and silks of all kinds of colors decorating it which had been donated. Her bedding, the box of hair accessories, her Skara knife (which she always wore), a few steel tips from her arrows and her journal had survived. The bow and kit had been replaced with an extra, less fancy one made as a backup. The extra one was being kept by Amastan.

Kaithak had and all knew the perch and nesting area, which the falcon flew to and watched Islana from.

Now, came the time of night Islana dreaded. When the Sisters would come in full force and take over her dreams. Just one night to actually sleep, just one was all that was asked, repeatedly, night after night but to no avail.

Tonight the redheaded leader sat on her bed and closed her eyes. "If I don't get some sleep, just one night, I might start making some questionable decisions. I won't be able to think straight pretty soon and that will not be good for anyone." Of course, she realized more than a few sisters were constantly thinking her decisions were questionable but it was worth a try. Islana then fell to sleep quickly.

While overall it was a quieter sleep than most, not all the Sisters complied and Islana was still bombarded by memories that were not her own. Which left her feeling strange and tired.

The next day, in the late afternoon, Desdem came into view. The Horde stopped on the sands outside the city. Islana sent some advisors to let the town leaders know the length of the stay and that they were looking to buy and/or trade for items that would be needed going forward.

While it was an educated guess this was the place she had seen in vision, Islana was convinced it was. Even more so when told about the boy Shaman. However, that was something to deal with tomorrow.

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