A Message to Those Somewhere Out There

After his waking routines were completed, Gonyaul was at the beginning threshold of yet another long day in solitary confinement. He had to continue to remind himself that time was but a stubborn illusion, something that could be lived on his own terms, so as not to feel its slow passage grate on his sensibilities.

He was intentional to schedule his activities with three major goals as priorities: To keep his mind active to deter insanity's creep, to keep his heart pliant to avoid the grasp of bitterness, and to keep his body strong to prevent apathy. Though the latter had to be modified appropriately based on sporadic intake of food and water; but even a little exercise was better than nothing at all.

Most of the time he would speak internally, his hands gracefully forming Vauxian sign language, when not listening for clues from the sounds at his disposal. At times; however, it was nice to hear words made real by the tongue. He spoke only in Vauxian and treated these less frequent audible moments as meaningful sessions that would start a ripple effect throughout all of time and space. No cell could hold him when his heart and mind were free.

When he did speak, it was soft and gentle like a refreshing breeze passing by the coast from being long out at sea. At times he would speak on topics that dove deeply into an assortment of philosophical and moral matters; recalling and continuing the discourses learned from his Vauxian education. Other times, he whispered as if having a friendly one-sided conversation with two of Voah's most frequented Pillars, Hoi and Cambena. Never was there more than several hours gone by without some form of song. And there was never a day that went by that he didn't recite every word inscribed on his body; dividing this feat into several more digestible pockets of time throughout the day.

Currently, his heart and mind were reaching out to his new "family"; Voah, Alexis, Islana, and Tarmen. He spoke to them somewhere out there. While they may have experienced him more often as the playful, daydreaming and distracted, his predicament had him in a mood to be more the sage in his tone.

"Allow thy hearts to be receptive to my sentiment as a kind of far-reaching alchemy, rendering my words the source of the tenderest thoughts and far-reaching desires, which you may cherish as sacred treasures. My friends, the moment each new day arrives the gentle veil of midnight shall lift and what has been will give way to what will be. The threshold of this romantic demarcation is to look back and to look forward, but to ultimately go forward; the days that have been invites our memories while the days to be invites us to imagine.

Now memory depends very much on the perspicuity, regularity, and order of our thoughts. Many complain of the want of memory, when the defect is in their judgment; and others, by grasping at all, retain nothing. Thus, I wax strong in my hopes for your constant success in your ordering of your private and public worlds.

What does this new day hold in store for you? Do you approach it with high expectations or hesitations? Be excited, for I send blessings, more numerous to count, to be available to you all during the exciting time to come. I pray that virtue, modesty, love, and truth are the guardians over your spirits. The blessing of virtue; for it is subject to no disappointments, since she that preserves makes every difficulty an advancement, and every conquest a victory. Sincerely to aspire after virtue is to gain her, and zealously to labor after her ways is to receive them. The blessing of modesty; for it is a shining light, that prepares the mind to receive knowledge, and the heart truth. The blessing of truth; because the finest and noblest ground on which people can live is truth; the real with the real; a ground on which nothing is assumed. And the blessings of true love; for it is the greatest gift given beneath the heavens."

Gonyaul paused as he had to wipe his eyes. He missed them very much. His thoughts then turned specifically to Voah. He had left her, their relationship had been tested; however, his heart was still in her possession. His next words were for her.

"My dearest Golden Fox, dare to imagine how great you will be in the time to come! Dare to take the risks to make such dreams realities! May your loveliness ever increase both inward and outward; so that you may know deep within your feminine spirit that your beauty is not in need of foreign ornament, but is, when even unadorned, adorned the most. I sing that your life may be blessed to the magnitude of my hopes and that the realization of your miraculous value empower your spirit. Therefore, it shall ever be said about you, that you are a woman at the beginning, middle, and end of all great things. Love, your humble Rabbit."

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