Three more days traveling in the heat of the Great Desert. Two more vipers were milked during that time. Now, they stood on the outskirts of a village, near the crest mountains people referred to as Fang. This was Desdem. It appeared the village was currently occupied.

Ch’Truta convinced Wurm, who was now the supreme leader of the Bloodletters, to remain outside the village. Instead of pridefully announcing their presence, it would be best to await an invite. This group seemed much larger than the Bloodletters. Could this be the horde they sought?

Wurm thought this strange. If the Bloodletters were to join the horde, why not march into the midst of them. Ch’Truta explained that the seasoned warriors that the Bloodletters were could put the horde on the defensive. By the Bloodletters remaining on the outskirts showed they were not intending to tak over the horde. It was less an affront to the leaders of the horde. Wurm may even become a trusted Lieutenant to the one leader, whom Ch’Truta assumed was the fiery redhead the spirits had shown to him.

So, Wurm understood the logic and gave commands for the Bloodletters to set up camp. In the midst of the camp would be the center of his command, with tents for Wurm and Ch’Truta. The leaders under Wurm would be in the midst of each of their commands.

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