Welcomed Addition

A remarkably strong looking white stallion, a black female horse a bit smaller than the stallion and a palomino that reminded Islana of the still missed River but wasn't, were the three horses procured, so far.

The first three would go to her advisors. Not surprising, none of them had ridden horses before. Camels, of course but not the steeds of which Islana had been familiar with most of her life.

The young leader decided to give Amastan, Aguzul and Izdärasen lessons on horseback riding, figuring the three could practice before the Horde set out to their next destination. It would be there they could have time to get even better and eventually riding into battle wouldn't seem so daunting.

So, after the redhead had spent some time with the Sk’elep, never wanting it to feel ignored, she took to teaching.

It hadn't dawned on Islana, just how long it had been since she last mounted a horse until today. It had been a while but she was still quite adept at it. Showing the three how to mount, steer, stop and all the other things that went along with it.

She explained that horses are usually given names, how each one had its own personality. Islana was aware each animal had its own, but with some, like horses, it was far more noticeable.

The three did fairly well, but there was a learning curve. Memories of teaching Gonyaul to ride came back to the the redhead but remembering was bittersweet, something she cared not to deal with right now.

It was in the midst of this lesson, that the young leader saw Amastan nod towards something behind her. The something was really someone, one of the guards from the border of the camp.

The Sister was met with a bow by the guard who then spoke. "Forgive me for interrupting. The Bloodletters have set up camp."

Now that was an interesting development, more to some of the past sisters than Islana herself but even she found it interesting.

"Get me a messenger," She told the guard, who proceeded to run off.

It didn't take long for the guard to reappear with a messenger.

"Show him where they are." Islana indicated the guard should show the messenger.

Then spoke to the messenger, "Welcome them and find out why they're here."

A bow from the guard and messenger and the two were off. It took a little time but eventually the messenger returned.

"Sister Locust, the Bloodletters are joining the Horde." As those words fell upon her ears and a small smile crossed her lips.

"Tell them they are more than welcome to join us." Thinking for a moment, "Let their leaders know I'd like to meet with them. This afternoon."

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