Dinner and Advisors

“That’s it then, I’ll offer him those options.” Sister Locust had taken a meeting with her closest advisors, over dinner, while her new ally took to spying for her.

Ch'Truta was a welcomed addition. Different and the only one she had met from the Still Valley. There was some specialition if others from the Still Valley had also made their way to the Horde, or would. So far, however, it was just him for certain.

Her advisors, Amastan and Aguzul at least, exchanged that all too familiar worried look, at the idea of trusting an outsider. She couldn't blame them, after all, the attacks on her life Ihad been because she was not Ozainine by blood. How would it be perceived to include another outsider?

Izdärasen, on the other hand, was readily agreeing with The Sister's idea. She appreciated, trusted, even liked her advisors. They weren't just knowledgeable but also generally good people. Islana had grown to care about them. As much as she appreciated everything they did, it might be nice to have someone she could speak to that didn't see her as a holy figure. Could she have found that person?
"Well, with that settled. I believe Ch’Truta should be returning soon with news. We can wait. Now, tell of the sites in Desdem." Islana heard of the town, which she had not had the opportunity to visit, yet.

"There's a butterfly tree," Aguzul stated, with a smile crossing his lips. Her advisors had gotten to know her, and certainly that would peak her interest. At the sister's request he went on describing it. "I hear at night it's lit up with fireflies."

A smile now came from Islana, but her own visualization was interrupted by actual memory of the tree as an actual tree. Not her memories, one or perhaps more than one past Sister had seen this tree, prior to it becoming a stump. These memories, despite getting them quite a lot, seemed impossible to get used to, and Islana found the sudden imagery jarring.

Still, the tree sounded amazing. "I will just have to see it for myself, before we leave." It wasn't the only thing on her list. She still hadn't been able to meet with the boy shaman, and they were still percuring animals for the journey forwards but the stump was very much on her list now.

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