Information and An Offer

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Ch’Truta arrived outside of Islana’s tent. He acknowledged the guard stand outside the flap.

Ch’Truta was concerned. As Bannor stated, the beautiful young leader was small in stature. That didn’t account for tenacity though. From experience, some of the shortest people Ch’Truta knew were some of the most ferocious warriors he had known. They had to be, to survive. Plus, Islana had the sisters within her. Ch’Truta grinned, as he was beginning to understand the spirits of the swamp. He was beginning to understand more why this war was necessary.

“Please inform Sister Locust that Ch’Truta has returned with information,” he spoke to the guard.

Dinner had long been over and cleared away by the time Ch'Truta was announced. Islana however was still discussing matters with her trusted advisors.

Once Ch’Truta was shown in, Sister Locust addressed him. "So, Ch’Truta what information have you returned with?"

Ch’Truta bowed before Sister Locust. He did not see themselves as equals. Spirits chose to indwell her; whereas they only communicated with him. Ch’Truta found himself desiring to know that experience. To have their wisdom with him at all times.

“I have stumbled upon one who speaks treason against you, Sister Locust,” Ch’Truta revealed. “He poses a threat, attempting to incite others against you, simply because you do not appear as a warrior. Bannor is his name.”

Well, that was new. Islana had been expecting to hear of some of the Horde not believing she was the chosen one or she was a fraud, but not appearing as a warrior, that was a new threat.

For a moment, the young leader turned to her advisors. "We must keep an eye on this Bannor. If he moves against me, the threat must be taken care of."

Islana's green eyes then focused back on the man before her. "Ch’Trutha you have done well. That information is of great use."

She paused, for only a moment before continuing. "I believe you will be a great asset to my leadership. I would like to offer you three choices as to your place inside the Horde. " There was no indication that there was anything behind this but a genuine offer, but just to be sure the redheaded leader added. "I want to assure you, this is not some kind of test to see what's you'll choose. The decision is completely yours." It was then to lay out those choices. "The first option is: you return to the Bloodletters and serve the Horde with them. The second option is: you continue to be a spy for me, rooting out those that pose a danger to me, but I must warn that that decision might lead to unexpected consequences, if you are found out. Or you become a member of my entourage. - as Representative for the Still Valley. We do not have confirmation but their might be others from the Still Valley, or others might join us at a later time. Even if they don't having a visual representation of those from your homeland, would be good. But everyone will know, in a short amount of time, your title and that you are an advisor which will mean you likely will be met with some scrutiny, from some members of the Horde." That was what she was offering, no more, no less. "If you need to, you may take the night to decide."

It only took a second for Ch’Truta to respond. The spirits had spoken to him. He knew the direction he must travel.

The mention of others from Still Valley didn’t necessarily surprise him. The spirits were free beings. They most likely reached out to other broods.

The broods up to this point had been independent of each other, often fighting, capturing those of other broods to offer to Uctilo’rhu. He could see the spirits bringing the broods together to fight against the outsiders. Keeping change from happening in the Valley.

“No need to think,” he responded. “The spirits have spoken. I shall serve you as a member of your entourage. I will personally place your life into my protection. Any who raise themselves above you shall be dealt the pain of death. We cannot risk those who would divide the horde by usurping your authority. If Bannor does grow the stones to challenge you, it will be the last thing he grows.”

Sister Locust turned to her advisors, nodded which they returned, then back to Ch'Truta. "Very good. I believe then introductions are in order. The three standing behind me are my most trusted advisors." Pointing each one out as she went.

All three were not surprisingly several years older than Islana herself. The first man was Aguzul, the woman next to him was Amastan and the man, who was clearly older than the other two, was introduced as Izdärasen. Islana figured more could be found out about each other, later as it was starting to get late.

"My entourage are in the tents closest to me. If you have any items to retrieve from where you were staying,then you'll need to retrieve them. Do you have a tent?"

Ch’Truta nodded to each, acknowledging their position as part of Sister Locust’s leadership. Although he showed no emotion with his face, Ch’Truta looked forward to working aside them.

“I have a small tent,” Ch’Truta acknowledged. “It is all I need, as I do not carry much. All I have need of I am able to carry with me.”

"Very good, " Islana replied. "Go get what you have and bring it back, and get set up. If you've need help let one of the guards know, someone can be sent with you. When you're ready you are welcome to have some dinner set to you."

The Sister them turned to Aguzul, "Aguzul, will you please inform the guards of the new arrangements."

Aguzul bowed and headed to the front of the pavilion.

"Welcome, then to my entourage, Ch’Truta. I look forward to working with you. " Only a slight pause before. "Have a good night, everyone. Everyone's dismissed."

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