Welcomed By Butterflies

The sun was rising just beyond the horizon and the air hadn’t warmed yet from the cold of the night. Islana had awoken early, there was something she felt compelled to do. The redhead did not bother with breakfast just yet, instead choosing to inhale the crisp air as Kaithak rode on her arm.

The falcon looked to the sky, towards Islana, and back to the sky. Green eyes, met brown ones as Islana spoke to her feathered companion. “I will be fine. I know the fire scared you.
Truth told it scared me as well but we both need to move past that, don’t we? I appreciate that you haven’t left my side in weeks, but it’s time you started hunting again. I know you want to get back up there. I want you to get back up there.”

Kaithak hesitated for another moment or two, then took to the sky. Islana smiled softly as she watched him back where he belonged. The sky and the urge to hunt had likely been calling to the bird and Islana had her own place that was calling to her.

Her gaze went towards the bodyguards outside her tent, and she sighed. The young woman had not gone any place without them since the fire. It really wasn’t advisable that she do so now, as there were still so many unknown threats. And the one pointed out by Ch’Truta - Bannor. Bannor had not moved against her yet but who knew what he might do in the future.

That was not her concern at the moment, though. Right now, she wanted to get to her destination without having so many people around her. It was still rather early and she had no plans to wake up her advisors. She also felt no particular danger from the town itself, so the redheaded leader opted for just two guards. Even if they might not say it, her advisors would likely worry for her safety if it was anything less than two guards.

The town was just waking up as well. Sounds, sights, and smells of the morning meals being made and chores beginning to be done were the only real movement as of this moment. No one was walking around much but the few people that wandered outside did watch Sister Locust walk by. They did not worship the Twins here, therefore did not worship her and as such there was no bowing or falling to their knees. Things Islana thought she would never get used to, after months in charge of the Horde, it now seemed a little strange without it. That likely had a great deal to do with the other Prophetesses and not Islana herself.

Arriving at the center of town, people were starting to get water from the communal well but stopped to watch what the redheaded leader of the Horde would do. Green eyes focused on the dead trunk of the willow tree. One butterfly, in magnificent colors of red and white, flew towards the young woman and then around her.

Am I welcomed?” She did not trust enough, after the Skara incident, to use her magic but the thought was sent out just the same. Her arm outstretched, the butterfly landed on the young woman’s outstretched palm. To Islana, that was a yes.

With a few steps, the animal prophetess (as some in the Horde had begun calling her) had gotten extremely close to the tree. With her eyes shut, her breathing steadied, and her mind cleared of all but greeting the butterflies that called the tree home.

Standing upright, with outstretched arms, palms up, not moving or saying a word. Then it could be felt, one, then another. The ever-light touch of the butterflies landed on the young woman. Not were they just landing on her but surrounding the woman, she could feel it.

Green eyes slowly opened to the magnificent sight of thousands of red and white butterflies surrounding and landing on her. There was a sense of being one with the beautiful creatures, as they filled up her senses completely. If anyone was talking she could not hear it. If they were watching she could not see it as for those moments she was caught in this cascade of painted wings.

Slowly one by one the butterflies returned to the hollow willow to begin their day, Islana noticed a crowd of people had gathered to watch the spectacle, even if that was not what the young woman had intended. Some were gasped with surprise or possibly amazement from the sight, others though had smiles on their faces, including her own guards.

Islana took one look back at the tree, she would return tonight for the fireflies but right now a silent thanks was sent to the butterflies. With guards in tow, it was time to go back to her pavilion, and for Sister Loctus to begin her day.

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