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It was no more than three days after the group returned to the village from Aquilo that the Aghul leaders sent for their bonecaster. Re-centering her focus on the effort, Shalia knew it was high time to reconnect with Sister Locust and update each side on progress and whereabouts, finally setting up a face-to face meeting for their next step.
On her way to the designated tent where Koshnem and the communicator awaited--in which she would lead the conversation with the familiar woman--the Frozen Fist held her hand out to catch some snowflakes with a soft smile, clad in her bear coat and raven curls.

“They are ready.” The large frame of Koshnem Gloomwilder spoke, seated on one of two hide cushions before the caster. His beard had grown wild and long, but less grey now than Shalia remembered as if, in the true fashion of a war god that people saw him as now, the blood and blades of carnage revitalized him. Gave him life as he took. He looked more broad and intimidating after so long away and through the course of battle and celebrations alike. Almost how it was when she first saw the towering figure. Only this time fear is not what she felt.

The bonecaster was himself seated facing them with the ritual laid out before their eyes. He was entangled in its magik awaiting everyone’s words.
Shalia took her seat.

The young leader was looking forward to reconnecting with Shalia, even if it was through a bonecaster. Her trusted advisors stood close by.

It had become far more common to Islana than when she first had seen a bonecaster ritual, however it was always impressive. Watching as he took his seat and faced her, everything was ready it seemed. Her caster got into a meditative state and was to await contact.

"Sister Locust," the older witch's voice came through in Odon, "Koshnem and I have made contact to update you on the current situation and prepare for the next. The Odonine have secured Aquilo and their craftsmen; the supply will flow to us soon. And I have a proposal, but first, how goes your journey?"

The fact that the Odonine took Aquilo made Islana smile. It was definitely a good strategy. "That is good news. Markus is with them, I assume?" Islana had not been in Aquilo long but it had been clear the men there followed him.

"My journey goes well. We are camped right now outside of Desdem. I am glad you made it back safely. I trust your journey went well?" The young witch had more she wanted to tell Shalia but this was perhaps not the time for such things.

"Markus continues to represent the settlement. Kept to his wits wisely and cleanly by the Voice of Winter," the War Chieftain responded first, making his presence explicitly known. He took a large gulp from his booze pouch.

Shalia was delighted to hear Islana and her army faced little trouble and that something had worked out easier for them all. "As well as it could, I suppose." She kept herself from entering detailed small talk. "Desdem, you say?" She asked and glanced to the leader of the Aghul momentarily. The two had already discussed the subject on their own of potentially holding the meeting in recently claimed territory. Perfect.

"It is imperative now that we gather our armies together and strategize. The Odsier Winter Pastures would make the best choice with resources and proximity. Stone dogs won't touch us there."

"Good to hear," Islana thought Markus was a good person and she knew he would fare better on their side. Wondering for a brief moment if Sir Zane or the Duke or anyone in charge in Ostiarium had even given a thought to the men left in Aquilo.

"It seems as if our minds are in agreement then. My advisors and myself have discussed leaving here in a few days to head to the Winter Pastures and hold up there until we were ready to march forward."

Shalia allowed herself a gentler moment before the communication ended and the ritual was swept away.
"Take care of yourself, Sister. A new world awaits."

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