Let it be written...

Grayriver Steading - Slivikhi's Clearing

Her physical form, although clearly real and present to Voah and Ekero, seemed to have an ephemeral quality to it, and as the light of day faded across the horizon and petered out among the almost leafless autumnal trees of the forest, she seemed to shimmer in and out of shadows, as if blinking in and out of existence at times.

"There is a larger game at play here, Voah Sahnsuur. You must find your faith again quickly, if you and your friends are to survive what is coming.” Came the clear warning as the hoot of an owl sounded across the clearing. Voah blinked feeling the weight of the words. “The Twins will be here shortly and so will Zinheim. They will come to harvest the souls of Men at the great feast Vastad is hosting.” More warnings, her words pondered and mysterious, typical of her own aspect. “But something else hides in the shadows. Something is coming. Angry and full of vengeance. Something that will break this land and the barriers that have kept the Maleficium at bay...”

She paused looking at the dying light of the day as if listening to some far away words. As fi she was somewhere else at this very moment.

"I have watched over his people for almost two centuries, but that time is over now. On Sentinel he will be forged anewed."

Another pause letting her words wash over the Arbiter. It got very cold suddenely.

“You must not go to Sentinel. If you do he will die. If you do, the city will fall much faster than it will otherwise.” There was no mistaking the force and impact of her words…

“ You must hold the tide for as long as you can. Until the first snows fall across the land. You must meet her for the final time, the Voice of Winter, under Stoneshade Keep’s gate...”

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