The Growing Truth

Looking at the preparations didn’t sit well with Tarmen. Again it made him uneasy, unused to NOT liking the arrival of war, but here he was.
Alexis’s glance to him said it all and he agreed, they were again rushing into things and should have waited for a time to be with Zane alone. At least then he could have made a better argument for getting any help retrieving Gonyaul.
Then again, an argument wasn’t what was needed, not anymore. This wasn’t a situation he had any control over, unless they took interest in a potential second attack from Sentinel. A long shot, given the Duke’s pride and knowledge. Part of Tarmen realized with hindsight they should have worked out a better plan to present before coming here, yet another example of their group's luck with their greatest orator being a wanted fugitive.
He had a more familiar feeling of restlessness as he realized he would again be in the Duke’s presence and yet needed him alive by the end of their meeting. In all honesty the goal he had dedicated himself to so long ago felt less important, another vestige of the volatile savage that was no longer there. He wanted the man dead still, very much so, but for now his life would give them a chance to save their friends.
For that, Tarmen swallowed his doubts and prepared to play diplomat in an arena he had little experience in.

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