Surprise Guest

This, this, was something that Islana nor the other Sisters wanted. Likely for different reasons. Islana had no issue with the Odiser. Her memory still recalled the tribe met upon the journey north. The Ashen Hoof. She wondered if any of them were still alive. It was more that the treaty with the Odonine made the Odiser joining the Horde - precarious. Islana had a feeling once the Odiser knew, they wouldn't want to join.

The chorus of voices rang from inside the young leader. "Don't trust them." "It's a trick." "They will kill you, given the chance." "We have no alliance with them." "The Odiser are not warriors." "They will just draft down the Horde."

Most of the voices were against the Odiser joining. However, not everyone. "The Odonine got the Brotherhood without asking first, would this be so different." "When the treaty ends, the Odiser could remain." "Future slaves" "More fighters for the Horde".

Frankly, Islana wanted all the sisters to shut up and let her think. It was comforting and disconcerting at the same time to have them always there.

Islana didn't speak for several minutes, actually it took Aguzul's voice to bring her out of it. "Sister? Sister?" She heard him say

"Please rise, Raud of the Red Crow." Islana said. "I must be honest. Your presence here is rather… unexpected. I have to know, are you aware of who is fighting in this war?" Before spilling her truths, she wanted to know what the man knew already.

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