Alexis took note of the dissonance that seemed to chime between the Duke and the Inquisitor. As it would appear, not all was well between the head figures of the Helians.
For the sake of Ostiarium, she hoped they could put their clashing ambitions aside while preparing to face an army that dwarved their own, buffeted by magik users.

And yet that thought was more of a side note as she gazed back into the albino’s red eyes, waiting for Tarmen to report and offer supplement if needed.

Meeting the cruel, cold scrutiny of the man she could truly appreciate the more moderate approach that Voah had chosen to execute her duties. Though she couldn’t help but wonder wether that leniency might have opened her to a lot of spiritual suffering, such as the man in front of her likely never would experience in his unrelenting zeal.

Why was she still looking back at him? Maybe she was like a rabbit hypnotised by a snake preparing for the strike. It would make sense given her situation. Only it didn’t feel that way.

No, while he was searching her eyes to determine that something else he could sense, she found herself looking for something in return.

The Ether. That ever ravenous maelstrom, gnawing at the worlds, with magik as its destructive herald. She could not agree with their methods, but if what she had been shown was true, then she understood the necessity of the inquisition if nothing else.

Voah, it seemed, had not known of this. So that posed the question… if all of this was true, did the Inquisition know why they fought magik so relentlessly? Did they know of the Twin God’s deed? Did the man in front of her know?

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