Sentinel Island Camp - Day 2 Encounter: Red Cap - Continued

Past midday - Till and Nicolaus

Nicolaus searched quickly through his satchel and pulled out a specific packet. The aroma hit his senses instantly. Stogasmoke, pleasantly euphoric, while having the side effect of mild skittishness and easy confusion. The strange man couldn't cross the salt circle (apparently... testing was needed), had done no harm although there had been opportunity. He had revealed himself, and now stood within arms reach grinning and smoking a pipe with no obvious weapons. All suggesting a friendly overture was in order. He was a excellent source for further study.

The packet could pass the edge of the salt circle while Nicolaus' hand remained holding the other side within the circle. His hand would not break the circle. Intrigued and curious yes, not reckless.

The being or creature for lack of a better word looked at the offering with interest. He looked down at the salt circle that obviously stopped him from crossing the boundaries of your camp. As you extend the packet over it carefully to not to let your fingers cross it you hear Till's sharp words.
"What ya doing ya fool?! Get away from that demon." He pulls one of his daggers out.

Nicolaus put up his left hand signaling Till to stop, "Be quiet." his tone is final. He keeps his eyes on the capped visitor. "For your pipe." And beckons with the packet. A test as well if there is in fact a language barrier and a capability of speech.

The creature continues to grin at Nicolaus and tries to grab his wrist but once again it is stopped by the Arbiter's barrier with a loud cracking sound. As he snatched his hand back he pulls the packet away. He hopped a few metres away smelling it and looking inside the pouch. He looked up and smiled at Nicolaus for the offering. His eyes turned to Till.

Nicolaus stepped back, "So not entirely harmless." He turned toward the sailor. "Till, consider your actions, we are currently surrounded potentially by these beings of unknown numbers and abilities. The majority of our party is outside the dubious safety of this camp. Lets TRY to make friends."

Till gripped his dagger. He looked at the Apotechary and the hopping being and was not sure he felt safe. He tugged at the twisted figurine he wore around his neck, muttering prayers to Cambena, goddess of the Sea and Storms. "For water takes the shape of the vessel..." He whispered over and over again.

The creature whistled loudly as if Till's words made it angry. The piercing sound echoed across the jungle scaring animals in all directions. He came at the barrier again. And again it was stopped with a loud cracking sound.

Nicolaus sighed, he stepped between the two, staying within the circle. He raised his palms in what he hoped was a peaceful gesture. "Look at me, ignore him." He said while making eye contact. He held up one hand gesturing to wait a moment and returned to his personal belongings and drew for the the wineskin he had saved to wash down his meal. He returned, opened it and took a swig, obviously savoring the taste. He then tossed it to the man. "Try this to go with your pipe."

The one legged being hopped to the side letting the wineskin fly through the air and land flatly on the ground. He hissed at Till as if the words upset him.
"Maybe next we try tossing you over..." Till muttered under his breath at Nicolaus' back.

"Have you ever seen men shape shift into dust devils?" He asked the Apotechary. "Its a demon. That is not natural." He said aloud wishing the Arbiter was here. She would know what to do. Till could not recall the last time he had been so terrified. He could feel the being evil gaze on him.

"Perhaps, but then water heated turns to steam, is that magik? ...Or just something we don't understand yet. Fighting is always on the table, but I am interested if there is common ground." He looked at Till, "Mayhap his reaction is due to his kind being labeled such and being hunted to extinction in the known lands?" He softly remarked mainly to himself, "I know well being misunderstood."

Till rolled his eyes at the man. "I never hunted anything like that. But you can always step over the salt and see if it's friendly?!" He was getting more and agitaed. He stepped back slowly to the middle of the camp and continued his litanies keeping the mad man away from him. And that beast outside the circle.

" Trust is earned." Nicolaus turned back to the angry visitor. He whistled gently and pointed to the wineskin and feigned drinking.

The being continued to ignore the wineskin. It's whistling grew louder and louder the longer Till's prayers continued it seemed. It threw itself at the invisible barrier a few times more before turning into a dust devil once again and disappearing into the jungle...

Nicolaus checked the area then stepped across the salt circle to collect the wineskin. He noted the creature kept the pipe weed. It would have been interesting to test its reaction to the items found on the ship he mused. " It's gone Till. Let's make sure there aren't any more about so the others aren't accosted on their return."

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