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Summary: I've been there and done just about everything. Let's see what Arcadia has under her skirts.


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Gender: Male

Age: 30's, even he doesn't know

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Till is a tall, lanky, and muscular shipman. He doesn't look at all like the strongest man of any group, but the meat on his bones is definitely all muscle from working the ropes of the sails during all his journeys.

Personality and interests

A sneaky pirate if we ever did see one. He is known around the ship to try and get others to do his work. He enjoys gambling and drinking to excess. Loves a good yarn about someone elses misfortune, and has quite a bit of knowledge about different rumors he hears from port to port. Loves to stir up trouble as a distraction to his petty pick pocketing and minor thievery. Fears death and will try to focus the blame onto others to avoid his own demise. Always looking for that one big score to pay off his debts and reside on a hidden island paradise.


Till is your classic, sneaky, pick pocketing theif. He is dangerous with a blade, because he does not fight fairly. He is quick, flexible, and will often run or try to get away before running a person through. Usually can drink people under the table and then rob them blind as they are passed out.
He can also cook well with small amounts of ingredients.


Till can't remember his childhood really, he has been working on sailing ships his entire life. His father was a noble captain of a shipping vessel, until he had been overrun by pirates. Till was accepted into the pirate crew and forced to work in the galley until he was in his teens and began to work the sails and other parts of the ship. When he was older, just about to enter manhood, something mysterious had happened to the pirate captain that had taken his fathers life, and Till mysteriously disappeared from the ship. To this day Till had been using his skills to work ships travelling port to port, racking up gambling debts and building a dastardly reputation for himself.

Reason for being in Arcadia

Till as usual is working this sailing vessel to escape his latest escapade in the port town that this ship has just left. Hearing about a new land, a new life, it may be time to slip off this ship at port and forget about the seas. Or maybe open his own port tavern to host the number of new seamen and travellers that will be coming to start their own new life in Arcadia, except he will need to find a way to make enough money to do that.


Till has an old teak wooden figurine on a leather strap that he wears around his neck. An old trinket given to him by his real father that Till has cherished as his one and only 'good luck charm', only it seems to only work when he needs to escape and get out of trouble.

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Image of Till
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