Pushing on

The group walked in a north-northwest direction as instructed by Alexis. The noises of the jungle assailed them from every angle. Everywhere they looked most of them see amazing and wonderful creatures they had never seen before. Birds with colourful plumages, furry tree dwellers with big eyes and bigger tails, reptiles of every shape and size. Apart from Tarmen most of them had never seen anything like this variety of wildlife before. It maked the going slower as most of them were constantly being distracted by the sights. They encountered more of carved stones they had seen close to first camp, most totally overgrown with moss and vegetation. Hunter and Tarmen scouting up ahead found nothing apart from the odd animal trail. If they continued to push through the day towards Northwest they could reach the aptly named Horse Bay tomorrow. If they turned north they would push deeper into the jungles. The atmosphere around them was oppressive, as they could not see much in front of them nor above them. They broke for camp at around midday. Tarmen knew if he was alone he probably would be close to the next bay by now.

After consulting with the two scouts, Alexis called her group together.

“I am tempted to go the whole mile to the next bay, though I’d prefer not to drain the salt resources of the Arbiter. Arbiter, worst case scenario - how long does it take you to set up the protective ring?”

"It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, but in this thickness I'm not sure I can create an unbroken circle here. Not unless we could clear the ground of debris." Voah responded.

“We would look closer to the bay, but the answer is: not fast enough if we indeed get attacked. So we either take that risk or make it an actual second camp spot.”

Alexis gave their map to Tarmen and Hunter to correct and add to. She tried to decide wether another half day’s journey would get them to strategically worthwhile position.

Alexis pointed to the ‘ear’ of the horse, looking at Tarmen and Hunter.

“I want to get there. Let’s push on. Keep a look out for a spot where we can hole up in for the night.”

Hunter nodded at Alexis as he looked at the map. Then he replied, “Since the wild life has kept its distance, we should be able camp or press on like you want. That is unless Tarmen sees something I don’t,”. Hunter waited for Tarmen to speak up.

Looking over the map, Tarmen took a few moments to think. No further signs of the imp was in his mind the worst case scenario, as it left them more in the dark of its whereabouts. The wildlife meant some quick meat, depending in how good their defenses were….. he also didn’t know if anything here was poisonous, so perhaps not.
“Keeping to the water would be the best course, both for supplies and protection. Won’t know if I see anything different until we are there.”

Alexis had no qualms trusting in their scouts‘ expertise.

“Sounds good. Let’s get going then.”

They decided to camp for the night. They ate, slept and kept watch. For dust devils, strange animals and dreading that at some point a party would chance upon them. They kept watch for each other and although Sentinel was a strange island they started to wonder where the blood drinking, fire breathing natives were. Most of them were seasoned soldiers and they rested better than in previous nights starting to get used to the noises of the jungle. The sun rose and another day arrived, Hunter and Tarmen started scouting ahead. They should reach the Horse Bay mid mid morning.

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