Horse Bay

Timestamp: Sentinel Island - Day 4

YYou break camp early. Tarmen and Hunter take the lead scouting ahead but touching distant of the rest of the group. Arbiter Voah and Alexis taking the middle and Till and Nicolaus at the rear.

The going is slow. The jungle is extremely overgrown in places and the morning insects are driving you all mad, with all the buzzing and constant biting. The Arbiter herself appears to be taking the brunt of the nasties feeding. Every other heartbeat you hear her slapping at her arms, legs, and espoxed face.

As morning progresses you start seeing what look like broken pillars scattered across the jungle floor. No discernible pattern that you can make out, but these appear to be slowly replacing the stone carvings.

As you aproach Horse Bay from the east, the jungle becomes thinner and several trails start to appear around you. Hunter and Tarmen pass through a taller pillar just before noon. Looking to their left and right they can see similar pillars around 20 metres in each direction, as if marking some form of boundary.

You can feel the fresher air blowing from the sea, so you know you are not far now. Past the pillars and around 200 metres ahead you will reach an outcrop that will allow you to observe the bay below.

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