Say Your Prayers

JP by Omni, Bandorchu, Jaxx and Lucian.

Sentinel Island - Morning - Day 3

Vastad, Alexis wished she could kick Zane‘s ass right about now for sending them on such a suicide mission. Freaking bastard.

But, a job was a job. And unfortunately, it might indeed be important for Ostiarium that they got this particular one done.

She grabbed the map again and furrowed her brow.

“Alright. If there are two-legged natives to be found, it might not be too crazy to think they are located more towards the middle. We’ll move center. Together.”

She pointed to Tarmen and Hunter.

“You guys scout a bit ahead, so we don’t walk blindly right into trouble. Not too far this time, though. We might want to stay in calling distance with this red-capped chum around. Maybe you two stay close to each other as well, though I leave that up to you.”

Including the rest of the group she continued.

“With the limited supply of salt in mind, we will see how far we can get until midday. If we don’t find anything worthwhile until then, we’ll track back here and try another angle tomorrow.”

She turned to Voah.

“Any protection you can offer, Arbiter?”

"I have given you all of the advice I can. The symbol of the lozenge may help protect you. Once we leave this circle, we are on our own. Stay behind me and pray to Vastad at the very least. We will need his guidance."

On that morning of the third day, Voah recited her litanies, conducting a ceremonial blessing over the campsite. Incense wafted from her censer. She greased her silver sword with a drop of holy oil. In itself, the oil had no protection but the temple believed that it helped as a conduit to divine intervention. She offered a drop to everyone's main blade or bow should they choose to take it.

"Harken now... and heed my words." she said. "Take them for yourselves and join me in prayer. For it may save your life."

She spoke aloud a prayer for the group, for she wasn't sure all of them would bother praying themselves. The fact that all of the rumors she had heard thus far were coming true, at least to an extent, she had no doubt there would be magik and fire in days to come. She would surely need the skills of all to make it through this mission and off the island alive.

"Pillars, hear my prayers. On behalf of our group, Alexis Greyriver, Tarmen Frespit, Nicolaus Cagliostro, Till the sailor, and the nameless Hunter... Lend us your guidance and protection... for we face the unknown."

She paused for a second, humming before continuing.

"Kupen, may our vigilance never falter... Hoi lend us vitality... Cambena, lend us your wild strength and let the weather be in our favor...Vastad bless our steel and where there be danger, may our weapons strike true... Zinheim... give us your patience, spare us and behind your shady veil take our enemies instead."

While Alexis was less than devout, she still respected the gods and their representatives. So she accepted the drop of oil as well as the invitation to prayer.

She had, however, no intention to hide behind the Arbiter and compromised to walk beside her during travel. After all, there were most likely some non-magikal dangers to be found on this island.

Hunter humored Voah as he silently accepted her oil and prayers despite having no faith in them. Normally he would not care for such things, but he was willing to use any edge he could get and it also reduced the tension among the team. It would be bad if they ended up fighting among themselves. Since Alexis was on edge, Hunter decided to only speak when he had to. So he quietly asked Tarmen, “How do you want us to proceed?”

Tarmen accepted the oil with a short nod. He was no devotee and rarely prayed, but he had yet to try and actively piss off the gods. Today seemed like a bad time to start.
With their group ritual done with, he looked to Hunter with a furrowed brow.
“Like the boss said, slow and steady. Stay within earshot and if we wander from each other, then we find our way back quick. I’m all for going it alone, but the natives know more about us than we do of them.”

Hunter nodded at Tarmen as he popped his neck and drew his two short swords. Then he waited till Tarmen led the way so he could follow.

It was good to see that the others were partaking and attentive, even if it was for show. Not everyone could understand the faith as the Arbiter did. Where she was confused and questioning her faith just days ago, these new developments proved to her that the Pillars DID INDEED still have power here across the sea and now strengthened her belief that she was chosen to be the Revelation of Arcadia.

She made sure to retrieve her torn breeches from an overhanging limb she had hung them across to dry. They were still a bit damp from sea water but it couldn't be helped. She shook out what grains of sand she could and packed them away. Last night had proved to be colder and she was glad to have brought an extra pair. Her leg was already healing nicely and it was no burden to walk.

Voah helped the others pack up the rest of the camp and gear, snuffed out the censer and tucked it into her pack. Then she wrapped her blonde hair away in a scarf. It would not do to have smoking or dangling bits on a mission of stealth. Everything was tight. She was ready to proceed.

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