Entering The Wards

Islana had not found much information on the docks but she had not thought she would, it had been more just asking in case anyone knew anything.

The one piece of information she had been given was to check elsewhere. In particular, The Misty Ward or Friar Jassen. Islana was not sure how her query would go over with a man of the cloth so she decided to try the Misty Wards first. Besides, the wards were not that far from the docks.

Despite Islana having been in Ostiarium for a few months, she had never ventured into the Misty Wards before. Mostly, because she never had a need to. As she entered the wards area, Islana debated where to go first. Deciding to just walk and see who and what she came across seemed to be the best option as her knowledge of this part of town was limited.

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