Another day

The construction of the outer walls continues; the new water powered sawmill opens for production creating new jobs and opportunities for the population. Rumours of war float around in the morning air as do stories of magik users just beyond the city's forests. A dozen or so dead bodies have been found across the forest in the last week or so with the suspected culprits found quiet mad. The population blame the natives but there is no denying there is a murderer on the loose.

Islana- Although you have not parted in the best of ways, you take Hendrick's advice. Wanting to set aside the encounter with Omen and the implications of her vision to your future, you decide to ask around to see if anyone would know what the wooden object you found in the tree could be. Or if anyone recognises the runes you saw in the trees.

Wim - The encounter with Omen is still heavy on your mind and heart. So much so that for a while you forget why you were in the forests in the first place. Two of the vials remain in your pack as you make way to the nearest logging camp

Markus - The preparations continue for your journey north. Believing all will be ready by the end of next week you address the final tasks needed. You will not be back in Ostiarium until next Spring. In fact you might be gone longer.

Gonyaul - After finding the strange rune and sap near your hidden camp, you have collected some samples for the apothecary to examine upon his return. Although not pushed part of you wonders if you can do more.

The Hogue
The crew discovers the mutilated body of a young sailor. Boyce Blackwolf almost recovered from his malady turns his intellect to the mystery.

Sentinel Island Camp
You do not spend an easy night. What you have found in the wreck and this unknown one-legged spectre hangs heavy on your minds. During the night you keep watch within the protective circle of the Arbiter's wards as you hear dust-devils whistling around the camp but don't see any beings fitting the description given to you by Till and Nicolaus. Some of you are sure you spy a floating ember at the edge of the camp once in a while. The next morning you wake to find several of Hunter's trap to have been triggered or disarmed. No blood, or bodies are found. But you see the same one-legged foot print you saw yesterday. Another day starts as Alexis gives the day's orders to the party.

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