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Summary: A Duelist (Pirate?) from respectable (dubious?) roots; kind heart hidden behind banter and bravado.

Melandra Avalloc (Lady Seabrook)

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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Who's to say what people notice first about Melandra's appearance? Some see the sumptuous reds and crimsons, deep violets and blues of the bright colours in which she is frequently attired. Some notice her wild mane of dark hair that will not be subdued even when stuffed beneath an elaborate plumed hat or bound by highly wrought ribbons. Some take note of the earrings, chains and jewels sported on her person as if she's inviting misfortune at the hands of thieves and cutthroats. Most come to mind the dual rapier swords nestled at either hip. And many a man (or woman) will notice those hips before all else; hips and curves and bosom. To each their own, but Melandra's body does not tend to call forth the impression of grace or lissomeness; more often she inspires unseemly thoughts and impure intentions.

Personality and interests

She smokes more than is good for her; and she drinks more than any respectable woman should. She can swear and slum with sailors and hooligans; or mind her manners and tongue among the good and honest folk. Much of her banter and bravado are just that, but the trouble with duelists is that learning more about them than they wish you to know not infrequently results in sword play and they take matters of honour quite seriously. Even so, in all but the most lawless of towns it is verboten if not outright illegal to simply hack a man to death in the streets regardless of the offence. The threat of doing so, slowly, in view of all to see, is every now and then enough to curtail serious violence, but Melandra wouldn't be much of a duelist if she couldn't actually make good on her menace. And she can. Keeping her skills honed requires discipline and commitment, but she has other pursuits. Dueling, killing, hacking…these have kept her alive, but they are not her life. She is not a monster; she has a soft spot for women, children and the underdogs. Similar to her swords, she dual wields two reputations: one is that of a wandering antagonist fighting for glory and money; the other that of a 'Robinhood' type championing the downtrodden. And in each esteem the people profess some knowledge of her past which invariably falls short of the unvarnished truth. And in both she is the pair; hero and the villain, depending on which history you value; which motives you seek to commission.


- Swordsmanship - flamboyant, dual wielding
- Tumbling, Dodging & Environmental Exploits
- Eidetic Memory - especially for maps because treasure!
- Perfect Vision - near, far, wherever you are
- Seaworthy
- Proper Education
- Tinkers with mechanical machinations, but she is not an inventor or engineer
- She is a specialist in personal combat.


She grew up in the tutelage of scholars and the care of servants. As you'd imagine, this was only possible due to her family having wealth. And technically she had a position of some authority at Seabrook Hall, her family estate. But anytime assertions must be prefaced with 'technically' you know there are embarrassing intricacies involved. The family name Seabrook had not existed a generation prior, at least not in any connection to her own family. And the money on which the Seabrook Hall and surrounding estates (all rather modest) were established was quite new. There were rumours surrounding her father's legitimacy in general and especially as a titled patrician. Melandra had benefit of a proper education, and the uncommon advantage of training from a young age at the hands of a skilful fencer, but beyond that she was not well received by her peers.

She’s the daughter of a reformed pirate and went on to marry a reformed pirate who was later killed by Pirates (his former crew) who she went on to briefly captain after challenging their then current captain to a duel and winning. But pirates don’t long suffer a female among the crew, certainly not as their captain and though she was challenged herself three times and though she won three times, she thought it best to remove herself from the ship's great cabin before the crew permanently retired her.

Though any charm associated with the pirates' life is purely romanticised dribble, there were certain appeals to the freedom and devil may care approach in which many pirates squarely faced their lives. Having tasted such, ever so briefly, Melandra lost her prior eagerness for a calm country life speckled here and there with court intrigues. Waking up in the same bed each morning, overseeing the finances and crop rotations, directing a servant to sweep here are there…these no longer bore any amusement or reward for her. She left the responsibilities with her father and his 'steward' (who was actually his Quartermaster in earlier times) and took to the road as it were.

Reason for being in Arcadia

She is not running from debt or persecution or unrequited love. She is moving at a brisk pace further from her own uncertain origins. The voyage to Arcadia is a voyage away from Helias. If for no other reason than that, she would have chanced the crossing. But there are other reasons. A new start out from under the cloud of Seabrook. A new start where the occasional declaration, when needed, of an upper-crust autobiography could go unchallenged. Adventure. Opportunity. Moments to make a difference in the lives of those already in Arcadia who must surely be victimised as ever they were in Helias.


- Ivory smoking pipe crafted in the image of a siren
- Assorted jewellery of which comprises the monetary resources at her disposal. There is no chest of gold or promissory notes from home

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