Meeting Markus

Timestamp: Lowood - City's Main Forge

Melandra made her way into Lowood early in the morning. The Duke bad another mission for her and having dealt with the Aghul and the clans up North she would be joining the squad of soldiers accompanying the workers.

Taking over the iron mine was only a small part of the plan. As infrastructure was bound to rise around the mine, like a new forge dedicate to the coming war efforts, barracks for the miners and processing buildings, the long term plan was to build a fort nearby. An advance settlement in the heart of Arcadia before the clans realised that the benefits of working with Ostiarium no longer outweighed the cost.

She was curious to meet this Markus they had put in charge of the mining operation and metalsmith. It was going to be a big ask to get everything up and running ready by Spring.

She walked into the fiery forge to the sound of some cat calling and wolf whistling. She grinned. Men couldn't help but admire and desire her forms.

"I'm looking for Markus..." She asked someone nearby waiting to be directed not the man.

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