Timestamp: Mountains of Fang

You spend another day and another night with the Aghul before you part ways. Sir Zane and the War Chieftain spend an enormous amount of time together accompanied solely by Balt and Melandra. It’s clear they are brokering some form of deal. A few of his warriors spend some time trying to communicate with you. They seem interested in you and the lands across the sea. Others eye you with suspicion and downright hostility.

The next morning both parties bid their farewells. You start to make the long journey to Ostiarium while the War Chieftain and his group go deeper into Fang’s ancient mountain passes and valleys.

Balt signs a strange farewell with hooked fingers and a straight palm. Nothing strange to anyone without military experience but you know he was passing a message to Sir Zane. You are not familiar with Salos military script yet and are shocked at what the young man passed on when you later ask the Knight.
You see a shadow cross his face as he tells you. “Witch…”

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