JP between Bird_Brain and Winteroak

Markus, having been alerted by his fellow workers to the woman’s presence, emerged from the back room, where he had been making preparations for the journey.
“Is there something I can help you with?” He said with a pleasant, though tired smile.

"Well aren't you a strapping looking fellow?" Melandra asked in her usual jovial tone. "Don't answer that. We will have plenty of time to see how strapping you are. I'm here to ensure that preparations to our journey North are coming along nicely?" She asked knowing full well he did not know she would be leading the soldiers detachment yet.

Markus glanced at the weapons she had with her, making a mental note that she was likely a mercenary of some kind. “Preparations are, in fact, coming along quite well. I have the best smiths here working on the last of the tributary weapons, and all of the rations and similar supplies are to be delivered the day before we are to depart.” Markus stated calmly. “The only things I have not accounted for are the soldiers, which you must know far more about than I, and the other workers Sir Zane said would be accompanying us.” He continued.

She nodded at him. Markus quickly got the feeling she was more interested in him than in the weapons or the finer details. "Make sure there's booze among those rations. If we going to spend the winter up there we better have something to warm the blood." She winked at him.

“Of course there’s booze in the orders, what do you take me for?” Markus laughed, though he suddenly seemed ever so slightly less comfortable with the direction of the conversation.

"Well, don't forget it's not only about delivering of the goals we have for the mine and new forge. Without keeping morale up we will not be very productive." She looked around at The forge taking note of little details here and there. "Much is riding on us for what's to come." She told Markus ominously.

“Morale will likely be a small issue, but I’m not too terribly concerned about it.” Markus replied. “As for your other comment, while I’m not too sure what to make of it, I can assure you that we are more than capable of handling whatever comes our way.” He said, with more confidence than he thought himself able to muster, given his own misgivings about the journey.

Melandra nodded. "I guess we we will find out. I was thinking of adding a couple more people to our party." She suggested. "A cartographer to help us map Fang for once." Almost no one knew much about the clans and the mountain range in the city apart from a select few. "Maybe an agronomist as well..." she concluded leaving it in the air.

"I will tell you the little we learn about Fang on our journey north." She concluded.
"if you can think of anything else that could aid our mission make sure you bring it to Sir Zane's attention before we depart. Don't be shy. If we needed it he can arrange it."

“Absolutely!” Markus replied cheerfully. “Oh! One more thing, I forgot to ask your name! I’m so terribly sorry, I’m not often so rude.”

"Melandra Avalloc." She smiled. "Do you have any questions for me?" Best to iron anything out now before we set out."

“Hmm, none that I can think of that I cannot handle on my own.” Markus said, as he began to inch back to the room he was previously working in. “I wish you a pleasant evening Miss Avalloc.”

She nodded back and left. Happy with the measure she had taken from the man.

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