Setbacks & discoveries

Timestamp: Ostiarium

Islana:- You make your way back to the city from the nearby farm with new information about the strange wooden object you found in the woods. Although you still have no idea what the rune means, your mind considers all you have learned and seen in the last few days. You are still missing a few pieces of the puzzle but you feel you might be closer than anyone else

Gonyaul - As soon as your duties are done for the day at the farm, you make your away to the secluded grove where you have your little hidden camp. Having spoke to Islana about the soul traps you start wondering what could the connection between it and the carvings be. And why is there one near your camp.

Wim - You try to keep yourself occupied with mundane affairs but the pull of the forest and the vials are still strong, as are Omen's visions. Unbeknownst to you, you are being watched.

Markus - As your preparations continue for the move up north and taking over the mine near Fang, you hear a loud commotion coming from the warehouse. The sound of men fighting and shouting can be heard. You recognize the voices of the two of the men. Jere and Ket, two of the younger apprentices.

The Hogue - Blackwolf watches as the sailors perform a speedy sea burial for the unfortunate young deck hand. Not long after the Captain and the first mate come back on deck holding two strange vials containing a golden with hints of pink substance.

Sentinel Island

You find a place to make camp, feeling that Hunter's injury will slow you down. You have achieved much of your mission in 4 days. Not only have you located some of the natives and can now proceed to study them, you have discovered a 170 old wreck that might change known history.
Before you settle in and secure the area, someone says:
"Where's Till?!?" you all look around noticing that the sailor is no longer with you...

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