Almost there.

There is a point that gambling looses its fun. For Wim it was when he had taken most of the money from the peoples that would gamble with him. He even set up a little loan shark operation. For the next six months or so, he would be having a bit of money coming in.

His estate room was not much bigger than the hammock he spent most of his time in. This was preferable to the hard bunks in the hull that transferred the rocking of the ship to one’s stomach.

It still smelled from the common hull where most the passengers were housed. He would be glad to breath fresh air, eat less salty food, and to have something else to do.

His father had arranged him passage and escorted him to the ship. He had arranged something with Sir Eudon Zane. Wim was hoping for some cushy bureaucratic position filled with debutants, parties, and… Well he knew is dad was involved so it was probably not going to be that kind of life. More of the hard labor, honest work, making a name for yourself, family honor and all that talk. He wanted to do those things his way. He wanted to learn, to try things, and if there was an easy way he might take it.

He stood juggling three apples to pass the time.

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