Newest Introductions

After Amelia left to end to her business, Cyrus conducted his post flight inspection of the aircraft and refueled using what little they had on the helipad. He would need to contact the airfield to bring another tanker out. In the meantime, Cyrus walked to the bunkhouse and put his stuff inside, claiming what appeared to be an empty bunk. Once he had his things situated, he brought his saddle outside and asked the stable hand if there were any broke horses available. The stable hand said all the broke horses were being used out on the pasture, and the most docile horse they had was a freshly purchased chestnut thoroughbred.

"Is she gonna buck me?" Cyrus asked the stable hand.

"Cain't say fer sher." The boy replied with a thick Texarkana accent.

"Has she bucked anyone else?" Cyrus asked incredulously.

"Nah, but ain't nobody dun rode her yet."

Cyrus shook his head, "So how do you even know she's docile?"

"She ain't kick nobody." The boy said matter of factly.

"Well, its a long way to pasture 31 on foot..." Cyrus said in exasperation.

"Whatcha gon' do over thar?" the stable boy said as he spit his chew on the ground.

"I have to meet with Kate King, Mrs. King gave me a message for her." Cyrus replied.

"Weeeeell sheeeit. Why ain't you say so? Kate's at the ranger's station down by the border. You gonna need something helluva lot faster than a horse if you gon get thar 'for the sun goes down." The boy had an unamusing amount of glee in that statement.

Cyrus rolled his eyes, "Well did Kate go out on horseback?"

"Does a whore sweat in church?" the boy cackled.

"I'll take the horse." Cyrus said as he lead the mare out of the stable.

"Suit yourself I 'spose." the stable had retorted before going back to his work.

Cyrus threw a blanket on the mare, then his saddle and bridle. His cinched the latigo down and made sure everything was just right. Once he was certain the saddle was secure, he reached in his bag and retrieved some sugar cubes. He fed one to the horse before mounting, "Don't hurt me girl," he whispered before grabbing the horn and swinging up onto her back. The horse whinnied and wobbled a bit, but Cyrus maintained control of the reigns. The horse calmed down a little as Cyrus patted her neck. "Easy girl, take it easy."

Cyrus turned back to the stable hand, "Does she have a name?"

The stable hand looked up and shouted, "Of course she does!" He did not elaborate further.

Cyrus threw his hands up in a WTF gesture, "WELL??? WHAT IS IT??"

"Fuck should I know?" The boy shouted back. And with that, Cyrus rode off to the ranger's station.

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