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Summary: He gives his life and services to Lady Elizabeth Ellington

Mr. Sung Shun Shi

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks 40s

Group: Humans


Korean / Japan / British
Episcopal Religion
Korean Order of Flowering Knights
Sentinel of the Eternal Watch
Class: Upper Middle


Sensei, Seventh-degree black sash. Title: Suseok Gwan Jang Nim
Jang-gyo in the Korean army under General Shun Shi Sung's father. Gand Master of the Dojang Windeu Hebeunseu.
Japanese name Kyu-Satori. (cue-enlightenment)
Lived in Japan the Chōshū Domain and worked under the Mōri clan Mōri Takachika 1855–1862, Daimyō (Duke) of Chōshū Domain. The rank of (Jikisan Hatamoto) Official Retainer, Samurai Taisho.
Yakuza Syndicate, Rank Wakagashira (First lieutenant), Know as Shuvu~arutsudoragon no kōrikuro. (Schwarz dragon of kōrikuro) 1862-1864
British 1864 - present. Footmen for Duke Ellington.
Chaperone, part-time Bodyguard, and Sensei to Lady Ellington.

Languages Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese, Throwing, Archery (Kyudo Bow), Holistic Medicine, Master chef, Steward, Master in Marshal Arts (Hwa Rang Do and expert in Moo-Gi-Gun) Iai-jutsu, Gardening, Biking, swimming, Horse riding, Plays the Cello, Medieval armor/weapons smith, Etiquette ( Korean, Japanese and British)
Haedong Gum Do way of the sword.
Battōjutsu Kenjutsu and Iaido sword technique
KI or Chi (Magic)
The heavy training allows him to focus his Ki or Chi through intense training allowing him to help others with healing. It is the vital energy that is held to animate the body internally forcing one’s spirit or life force into energy to help the body heal or be stronger for defense and attack. It allows a person to break objects. Using Ki or Chi and concentrating on people using the Ki or Chi a person can know if they are evil or not by how much negative Ki or Chi or magic, they may have. You can even focus your Ki or Chi through weapons because they are an extension of a person. Ki or Chi is of the spirit it can touch the spirit to heal and destroy.

Discipline Areas
Body-harmony, Body Ki, Vital Harmony Kango-shchogeikan resist heat and cold longer than normal, Martial art Awareness Zanshin, Reflex Training, Ki-Gun resist cuts to the skin, Fill object w/Ki, Iai-jutsu fast draw, Yin-Yang Kata damage magic monsters or beings. Iron hand / Tamashiwara hardened fist can punch medal. Ki-healing helps the body and Mind in healing, ability KI Battle Aura/fear 4o'. This creates a huge battle aura that surrounds the Master. Those that see the aura are stricken with terror and unable to effectively act or move.

Sung follows a monastic tradition that teaches him to harness the elements. When he focuses his Ki he can align with the forces of his inner will, using them as an extension of his body. Some members of this tradition dedicate themselves to the total body experience, but others weave the magic together with other abilities.


Sung hates rats he will go out of his way to kill them.
Recovered Opium Drug Addiction.
Stubborn – willful and headstrong; refusing to give up.
Rigid – utterly inflexible in one’s principles. Even when presented with a reason to change.

Physical Appearance

Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs
Skin Color: White
Eyes: Brown
Hair: brown with spots of gray
Sung looks to be in his 50’s he is about five feet eleven inches. He looks very athletic and With a well-defined body at 190 pounds. His hair turns gray in spots. Sung has beautiful brown eyes and you can tell by his tan skin he has been outdoors. He is still a handsome man at his age. Sung has multiple scars across his body from battles fought. He normally wears dark-colored clothing but is mostly seen in lose fitting heavy fabric pants and shirt and dress jacket, dress shoes or his boots come almost to his needs and are made of heavy leather.

A sturdy brass pocket watch measures the two-inch diameter, and 1/2 inch in depth, and features an open-face solid brass case and ring, and a black face Attached by a metal chain.
Leather dress gloves Leather Trench Coat for work. This medium-weight coat is well suited for outdoor adventures of every sort. Asliver chain and Cross that he wears around his neck.
He owns several hats that he can wear when needed John Bull or coachman-style hats in black, brown, or pewter smooth velvet.
Slouch Hat – Brown leather a highly versatile hat favored by many.

Personality and interests

Sung knows what the world is all about, but he intends to do his business and see to it that Duke Ellington's goals are met, with no complaints and no back-talk. He’s a combination of cheerleader and drill sergeant. He leads by example. He gets to know the minds of his companions and plays upon their own goals and desires to get his accomplished. Like a Crusader, Sung performs best when he’s headed in the direction of his personal goal. But if Sung does take on someone else’s goal, you can be sure that Sung will be unceasing and maybe unbearable in trying to motivate that person toward that goal. Sung won’t let the other character abandon the goal. He just never gives up.

Sung is an ambitious seeker of knowledge. He wants to have political knowledge within the community, within the world, or both. This doesn’t mean Sung is bad. He may be acquiring knowledge because he believes he can wield it better than others and make the world a better place. But he goes out of his way to gather favors, advise powerful people, and does so well!

Sung is not one to jump into combat most of the time he will seek a peaceful resolution to the problem. It does help that he radiates calm. This puts people at ease around him and allows him to get out of trouble.

Sung now follows the Episcopal religion and has been a part of it since the 1870s. not so much a devout follower but does believe in Crist.
The Way of the Knights Sentinels of the Eternal Watch. The code Sung lives by is part of his upbringing.
Loyalty to one's country
Loyalty to one's Family and Teachers
Trust and brotherhood among friends
Courage never to retreat in the face of the enemy
Justice never takes a life without a cause
Humanity, Justice, Courtesy, Wisdom, Trust, Goodness, Virtue, Loyalty, Courage.


Sung has been around for a time traveling the world. Watching over the innocent lives living out his life as a Grandmaster, Always looking for peace. Sung was born into a high-ranking noble family in Korea in 1834 his father was a respected Buwongun (Marquis) and military general. Sung joined the military in 1851 and in a short time worked in a position under his father working for Koren Joseon Army as salyeong-gwan (Commander). Sung went through some training and tests in the misty mountains in a monastery called Pyeonghwaloun San, after several months and came out of the mountains as Sentinel of the Eternal Watch with some abilities with KI some say. This improved his martial arts abilities. Sung became a Master of Hwarang-Do and an expert in Moo-Gi-Gun by the age of 20.

Sung had to leave Korea when he killed lord Wu Yeong-Cheol a high noble and Minister of his province. The Minister raped and killed his sister and killed his father and mother to cover up the crime. Sung took revenge killing the Minister and then escaped. Sung has been moving throughout China, Japan, and Korea for years. It was in his 30s that he surfaced in England in 1864. He was broken from his experiences. Sung with no choice at the time got involved with organized crime for a few years and became an alcoholic and hooked on opium. It was no time before he found himself on the streets again surviving day to day.

It was now 1869 in England there was a light rain that day and frigid. Sung could see some of the local thugs hanging around the street. In the alleyway, Sung was cold hungry, and drunk on that day. He heard a coach and horses get stopped by the Thugs. The coach was black and very nice to nice to be in this part of town. It was fast they pulled the driver off and beat him quickly. The passengers were pulled out. A man, a woman, and a child.

There was a lot of yelling as the passengers were separated by the thugs. A man name Duke Ellington offered money but the thugs wanted more like the woman and young child to have their way with them. Sung looked and at first, did not care until the child screamed. Something stirred in his memories of his sister flashed in his mind. Sung grunted as he got up off the ground rain dripping off him. His ripped clothing was covered in the dirt with long matted hair. Sung half staggered forward towards the men. No one seemed to notice him at first. One thug looked at him and scoff at Sung "Get out of here bum!" one of the thugs yelled.

Sung held out his hand as if to ask for money. The man reached to slap his hands away then suddenly Sung grabbed the man pulling him in and off balance there was a loud snap noise as Sung's foot strikes the man's knee the man screamed in pain as his leg bent the wrong way. Sung slipped behind the thug there was another loud snap and his head was almost pointing backward to his body. The limp body just dropped to the ground.

The men rushed Sung letting the others go. Sung took them down one by one getting injured several times blood started to mix with the rain as Sung bled from the cuts. Sung collapses next to the coach and the horses. Duke Ellington puts his family quickly back into the coach and the driver in the back seat. Duke Ellington knew he did not have much time to get out of there. The Duke looked at Sung he could not leave him there the man saved his family's life. his sense of honor would not let that happen. Duke Ellington picked up Sung and threw him onto the floor of the coach then raced off.

1870 after a long recovery from addiction Duke Ellington made him a chef in the house. Sung is known for his skills in gardening, Cooking, Holistic meds, and other skills. Now Sung has worked for the Ellington family for the last 16 years and was a footman for Duke Ellington, with Lady Elizabeth wanting to travel and see the world Duke Ellington has assigned Mr. Sung Shun Shi as her chaperone, and part-time bodyguard, and Sensei until her return.

Favorite Sayings

“I can show you the path, but I cannot walk it for you.”

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

“The primary thing when you take a sword in your hands is your intention to cut the enemy, whatever the means. Whenever you parry, hit, spring, strike or touch the enemy's cutting sword, you must cut the enemy in the same movement. It is essential to attain this. If you think only of hitting, springing, striking, or touching the enemy you will not be able actually to cut him.”

"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's despair. Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”

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