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Summary: Head Butler to the Ellington French Estate

Harold Dyson

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Gender: male

Age: 36

Group: NPC


British - Human
Religion - Harold isn’t particularly religious


Head of Household Staff/ Head Butler
Speaks both English and French fluently, knows some Russian
Harold’s picked up a few other skills working for the Ellingtons.


Workaholic - he has a hard time balancing life outside his job. He just always feels like he should be working even on his days off

Physical Appearance

5’ 8” brown hair, brown eyes. Normally he dresses in his uniform of black tails, and pants, a white shirt with a bow tie, and white gloves. When not working Harold dresses in nice attire, he feels he always should look his best

Personality and interests

Harold is a polite, friendly person. He is interested in learning about various cultures and races. He is intelligent and tends to pick things up quickly. The kind of work he does, is what he enjoys doing.


Harold was born in a small British mining town in the Tyne and Wear region. His father was killed in a mine explosion when Harold was his father’s third child. When his father died. His mother tried to keep the children together under one roof with her but she had no money, the funds that the town managed to scrap together didn’t last long.

One day when Harold was seven, his mother took him and his older brother, 10 at the time, to the workhouse and dropped them off. The workhouse was hard. Children got sick, often and while doctors would sometimes come the workhouse would never pay for any magical healers. Harold would find out, much later in life, that the conditions of the workhouse were often lied about.
He and his brother worked diligently and managed to remain fairly healthy despite the conditions. Their mother never came to visit and they had no idea what had happened to their other siblings.

When his older brother turned 16, his brother was turned out as that was the way of this workhouse. His brother left, and Harold would not see him again for five years. Eventually, Harold also turned 16 and was sent out on his own.

At first, he had a hard time finding a job, the only skill he had was working the machines in the workhouse and the boy did not want to go back to factory work. One day, he helped an elderly woman carry her groceries to her place. To repay him for his kindness, the older woman invited him to tea. As it turned out the woman’s granddaughter was joining them.

The grandaughter was in her early twenties and a maid for a wealthy household that just happened to have some openings. He was hired, proved himself, and worked his way up the staff until he became the Apprentice to the Head Butler, that position was to train him for another home as the Head Butler.

Harold’s next job was working under a Head Butler who was getting to retire. As it turned out, the Master and Mistress of the home got assignments in India from the crown. Harold did not want to move to India as he still wanted to find his family. By this point, he had seen the brother he was in the warehouse with, who had become an addict and was living on the street. The rest of his family was still unaccounted for.

Harold took the job with the Ellington’s. They had a head butler but the household was also quite different considering the actual job of Duke Ellington and all the powerful people that would arrive. So, Harold would have to learn many things he hadn’t before.

Eventually, Harold became Head Butler of the second residence outside of London, the one used on holidays and weekends when the family wasn’t traveling. By this point, he had known Elizabeth since she was seven and watched her grow up. When the offer was presented to him to join her in France and become the head butler for the French Estate, he didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Harold has never found the rest of his family. He rarely speaks on them and few people know the details.

Favorite Sayings

"Welcome, how can I be of assistance?"
"You never know where someone comes from, unless you come from that place as well."

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