Maseo's Report

Elizabeth had returned to her office, got some tea though was almost tempted to have a stronger drink, and jotted down some notes before sending a servant to tell Maseo that she was ready to see him. Once she did however, she finished her tea and closed her eyes for a moment to settle herself.

Masao saw Lady Elizabeth was centering herself and knocked lightly on the open door, and he gave a small throat clear to not startle her. "Lady Elizabeth." he said, "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Captain," she spoke first, then opened her eyes. "Please come on and have a seat, oh, and please close the door behind you."

She paused for a moment, giving the man enough time to accomplish those tasks before continuing, "I first want to let you know Miss Lagrave, Mr. Sung and Dr. Jackal have returned safely. Now, I need your report of what happened. The abridged version is fine, as I'll be asking you to write it down as well. Protocol and all of that." Elizabeth did have a sense of what happened but she also had a lot of questions. They were however questions that Maseo might not be able to answer.

Masao nodded and went to take a seat but paused, "Oh..." he said putting the satchel with some dried blood stains on a clear part of the desk and flipped open the flap "We managed to get this." he said as he reached in and took out "The Visage" placing it gently on her desk as if it would crumble in his hands. "I assume this is the genuine article, I have an eye for such things but could always be wrong." he turned it so it was looking at Lady Elizabeth.

Masao took a seat, "As for a report..." he paused. "It started smooth as could be, but went belly up fairly quick." he started. "It was...well a blood bath. But we didn't have a choice. Lily's father wasn't originally in the crossfire, some greenhorn panicked and didn't know how to handle a gun...that thing...Big Red was it, took care of that." he continued "But enough of them got away, and we didn't have time to burn the lab so...they might still have what they wanted, but if we need to handle it we'll handle it." he assured her.

The Visage, Elizabeth had started to think it might never be found. She picked it up, and examined the statue carefully. Before putting it back down on the desk. "I believe it is genuine. I will have Mr. Aster take a look at it to be certain."

The Eldren listened to Maseo's report, it was quick and to the point which was what she had asked for. "Did you see Dr. Lemaire, any idea what happened to him?" He was the original target after all.

"... About that well..." Masao wasn't quite sure how to broach the matter. "Eaten?" He said but despite knowing that is what happened he didn't know if the wording was appropriate. "I can say that unless he has a twin we won't have to worry about him specifically."

Elizabeth didn't know what to say, it felt wrong to feel almost a sense of relief upon hearing of Lemaire’s death. The manner in which he died was still gruesome. "I see. Well, I believe I can read the rest in your report. If you are up to it I would like it today. I will have to go tomorrow to headquarters and try to explain all of this to the Baron." Something Elizabeth was not looking forward to. "That is all I have for the moment. They'll be a team meeting later, so, feel free to make yourself at home. Whatever you need one of the servants can get for you. There are also extra rooms upstairs if you require that." Elizabeth paused. "I know you never expected to be involved in all of this, and it might not be your choice to stay after what you witnessed, but I do want to thank you for your help."

Masao nodded, "Something to discuss another time I think." He said standing. "I'll do my best on the report, I'm not versed in formality so forgive any casualness of the wording." Masao added. "I'll get it done by tonight."

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