The day it happened pt 1- intro post

Juniper giggle and tugged at Ripleys jacket " stop that before you fall you creep." She said she tugged hard and Ripley stumbled back from the rail she had been leaning far over to peer at the mall ground level beneath them. " hey! You made me spill my ice cream!" She laughed as she liked the strawberry flavor off the back of her hand.
It was her 21st birthday and they were picking out clothes for the party. Dresses shoes. Glitter. The works. It had taken them most of the day. But now they were getting ready to go. The took the elevator down giggling and chattering the whole way. As they stepped outside it started to rain and Juniper cursed hurrying to wave down a taxie. It was while they were waiting to little girls ran up to them. It was clear they were syns as the didn't even try to hide it. On had pulled the skin from her head in long straps to show the metal, light and wiring underneath and the other and done the same to her arms and around one eye. The smiled brightly as the approached " excuse me miss do you have any creds to spare?" The oldest of the two asked holding out her wrist to them reviling the small line where hr credit chip was. The lack of glowing numbers on her script indicated she had no credits.
Ripley looked down at her own wrist. The digits look like a phone number. " oh yeah sure." She said and moved to place her wrist on the other girls to transfer. " ew no omg" Juniper squealed and slapped the little girls had away. " no she could wipe you clean what are you thinking." She couldn't of course. The coders and fixed that flaw ions ago. Credits could only be received and transferred by willing participants save for debt being collected by skynet.

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