The day it happened pt 2

Ripley woke to the brightest light she had ever seen in her life. She groaned and covered her eyes with her hand. " there she is.. welcome back" She blinked till she could see. There at the end her bed was a man in a long white coat. Behind him was her father holding her mother tight to his chest. Her face looked pale and hereyes were wide. Juniper sat in a chair just behind them her face a mix of confusion and sadness. " can you tell us your name?" The man asked . " rip...Ripley...Andrews." her voice sounded weird. Not horse or anything just listening to your self on playback. " good and do you know what day it is?" He asked coming closer to her "may 5th..." he shook his had " no that was the day of your is September 13..but it's good you remembered that day...we wouldn't expect you to remember much after." Her brain was foggy and not quite grasping what he was telling her. Her eyes kept drifting to her father's face and the way he was gripping her mother's hands. They looked older. Like stress hand all but done them in. " are you feeling any pain anywhere Ripley?" The man asked. She shook her head then nodded. " everything is so bright." He nodded ok give me one second he learned over her and touched a spot behind her ear. For a second she couldn't see anything just black then her vision was back but not blindingly as it had been. " how's that?" She nodded " better...". Just then Juniper jumped up rom her seat " I'm sorry I can't do this..." She said and left the room. " I'll go talk to her." Her mother said and patted ripleys foot giving her a tear filled smile. " we are so very glad you are back bug" and she hussled out as well.
Ripley watched her go and looked at her father. He still hadn't moved. Like he was scared to touch her. " what's going on? What happened? Dad?" Her voice cracked alittle and she felt tears start to run down her cheek. What ever spell her father had been under broke and he rushed to her stroking her arms and hair and hugging her. After a moment he collected his self and took her hands in his. " honey...theres something you should know..."

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