Starting over pt 1

A few weeks later Ripley sat parched on the seal of the only window in herflat it was large and circle set to overlook the rainy city. She spent most of her time here now. She hadn't out of the house in days her sister hadn't come to see her. Neither had her mother. Her dad stopped by every other day on his way to work to check on her.
She petted her cat as she moved from her seat to the kitchen with a sigh and poured her self a drink. If she was being honest she was going stir crazy. She needed out of he house, she wasn't used to living like this. Cooped up. She was just so scared to go out. Scared someone would know she was a syn. Even though you couldn't tell on first glance.
She decided enough was enough. She slid into a pair of jeans walking shoes and a large rain coat and a small purse with her head set and music pod on it, just incase. taking a deep breath she mentally braced her self and walked out of the door. Down on the street she thought of getting a cab but decided against it. Instead she just started walking she dint know here she was going. She slipped on her head phones and shoved her hands deep in her pockets, head down.
She didn't know how long she had been walking but the rain had let up and now all that was left was the puddles of water glowing up from he street from he reflecting city lights. She glanced up. She was far. On the edge of the city and it was dark. She turned and started to head back, just then two somethings small ran by in a flash bumping into her as it shot past pulling her bag with it and effectively snatching her head phones off her head in the process. " hey!" She yelled and ran to follow the offenders. " hey you little punks!!" She gave Chace Dippin around trash cans and down Allyson. The dipped into a man whole and she almost bmgave up but chose to ollow them instead. Their giggles filld the tunnel. It was then she realized she wasn't even winded. On of the kis was though. She had almost got him. Her finger tips brushing the hood of his jacket. But a large Fram was suddenly infant of her and she smacked into it fully Makin her bounce back and land on her ass. She glred up at the new arrival " great now they go away and that's my shit they have!" The guy isn't say anything he just glared back down at her. " what are you doing here skin?" He snapped. That's whe she noticed his face. He was clearly a syn. She dint answer him. It was like her tong didn't work. should she tell him she wasnt a skin...why did it feel horrible to think that...much less say out loud? he stared at her like he might be talking to a retard. " you daft or something?" He asked his accent was thick. Like someone who lived in the underbelly of the city his whole life. She shook her head. " no" She said her voice coming out small. She told up and dusted her self off, trying to ignore her now wet backside. " I was just chasing those kids. They stole my bag.." he let out a deep sigh and turned his head to peer over his shoulder slightly. " Reece...give it back man..." the boy she had been chasing stepped out from some pipes. He had a smirk on his face. " we was jut messin around.." he said holding her bag out to her. She dug in it then held her hand out to him. " the music to please." He huffed and rolled his eyes in a way that had his whole head roll on his shoulders. "Man.." he said drawing the word out. " Reece." The older guy snapped and the kid dug in his pocket to drop he music pod in her hand. " the guy smacked the kid in the back of the head with a open palm."hey!" The kid winded " what were thinkin about?" He asked clearly upset. The other kid came forward then " we were just having a go at her." She said her voice was like a bell and not from anywhere in the city. She must have been from one of the other city's. It was rare for some one to switch city's like that. The guy turned back to her. " look I'm sorry about his punk. You got your stuff back but you should go. People don't take to kindly to skin around here." She nodded and turned to go but stopped for some reason she dint understand yet she turned back. " I'm not actually....a skin I mean.." She moved her hair so he could see the mark behind her ear....

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