Starting over pt 2

The kids eyes went wide and h let out a whistle. " must have one of them high dollar models hu?" He said grinning earing him another pop to the back o the head. " ignore him." The guy said. " so you a new syn then?" The guy asked. Ripley nodded. " yeah..a few months ago...but I've only been awake a few weeks." He nodded " takes Time to fit the mind in the new body..get it synced up you know." The girl walked over to her taking Ripleys hand and turning it over and back, then pulled her down to look in her eyes. The girls eyes were clearly bionic. Ripley could see the way the pupils zoomed in and out as she looked her over. " nope...she lookes 100% organic...maybe she's having a go at us?" The guy pulled the girl back. " you fuckin with us?" He asked suspicion in his voice. Ripley shook her head again. She could see why they didn't believe her. They had clear markers showing they were syns. Bits of metal on their faces and arms. Their eyes. The way you could almost see lights glowing under some parts of their skin. She shifted her weight from foot to foot. Suddenly nervous.

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