Starting over pt 3

The two guys stared a each other for a while. And she noticed that the younger one was not a syn at all. He was a skin. He looked at her and tilted his head. " well you can hang with us if you want...we'll show ya the ropes." The older guy didn't look happy about it but he didn't object. Ripley looked back towards the way she came from then back to them. She could go back. Go back to her flat. Go back to her sister who was acting like she was dead and her mother who looked scared of her and her father that looked scared she might break. Go back to pretending her life would be the way it was again...or she could go with them.
She shrugged. " um...yeah...ok" She said the younger boy grinned and turned on his heel. " coo" and started walking farther into the tunnel. The other two followed him and she did as well. They walked for a while the two kids up front chatting and laughing comfortably together. The older one behind them keeping his back to her like he didn't fully accept her presents in theor group and her dragging along behind them. After a while she could see a light at the end of the tunnel. She followed the group out to a balcony looking out over what was a underground city. Makeshift buildings lined the walls between the large drain pipes with water folowing down like waterfalls flowing down in to a pool the size of a large lake or small ocean, the city was built on a cement slab held in place by many steal cables secured to the walls, the streets below were full of busy bustling people. Steam and smoke rose up to greet her with the smells of life. It was like a dark dirty version of skynet city. Reece leaned on the rail and spread his arms wide as his grin. " welcome to Syn city!" He said she smiled back it was beautiful in it own way. They walkd down a long stair case leadeding to a bridege that crossed over to the city. " when the skins started coming for syns and people with enhancements some of them went underground. After a while more and more came until the city just kind of built up around them." Reece explained. Ripley nodded. That wasn't what she had been taught. She was told that illegal syns went underground to hide from the law. On the bridge she leaned over the side of the rail to look below. There were actually fish. Brightly colored and darting back and forth. She smiled. And hurried to catch up to he group.
This city was much louder than skynet and more chaotic. No railway cars or hover cars. Everyone was on foot or on crude two wheel things propelled by peddles. She thought she remembered from history class that they were called bikes. She wondered where they got them. There where vendors saleing food and clothes and bags and electronics. Yelling at passer buys. People pushing past and some arguing one man shoved another and he fell almost getting hit by someone passing on a bike who yelled profanitys at them. This was definitely a whole different world..

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