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Summary: Friendly artist

Alex Kinsmen

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Meta Underground (Humans/Metas)

Superpower (If Applicable)

Can animate and control objects resembling animals and people for a short period of time. Objects will adopt the behaviors and characteristics of the creature is based off of. Cant animate anything larger than a human. Objects also maintain durability of the properties they're made out of.

Useful Skills

Building model Kits

Rank/Title (If Applicable)


Physical Appearance

slight muscular build
tan skin
brown hair
brown eyes

Personality and interests

kind but a bit shy


discovered his powers at an early age like Riley but kept them hidden since his parents didn't approve of metas. After being discovered he ran away with Riley and joined him in his mission to help other metas.

Favourite Sayings

I'm nothing special

Favourite food


Anything else?

Cousin to Riley and Ryan.

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Image of Alex Kinsmen
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