Little Jawa Walks Up

As a jawa, Jewel knew herself not to be the most welcome of creatures anywhere she went, but as part of Atlus Olin's crew, she'd chosen to prove everyone's beliefs wrong. Yes, she still had the habit of falling into the old five finger discount, but she was just a friendly little jawa otherwise.

Okay, she was kind of friendly. Mostly, the only person she was truly friendly with was Atlus, but she could be civil around everyone. She'd proven that on more than one occasion. The only time she hadn't been too civil was when she'd demanded money from that guy who stole engine parts from them, but that was a long time ago and she'd kept her promise never to do it again.

As for right now, though, Jewel the jawa was putting away her tools after doing some repairs. She wanted to catch up to Atlus and meet all these people. She'd missed most of the journey due to keeping the engine going and all.

So, after leaving, she had explored a bit, avoiding a few elegant and tall blue skinned people known as the Chiss, and found her companion.

Going right up to Atlus, she gently tugged on his sleeve.

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