Servant Run In?

Coralina Montrieel bit at her bottom lip as she struggled to hold the supplies in place in her arms. Despite being a trained pilot with a small amount of force sensitivity, she had come to realize she was simply a delivery girl for the most part. If one person needed something sent to another, she did it. If there was a message that needed to be sent across the Chimera, she did it.

Most of the time messages were dealt with over communications, but she still found herself delivering information to people from time-to-time. Quarrels weren’t anything new anywhere, after all.

As a human, she was mostly ignored and treated more as a servant than an equal amongst the Chiss community. Not that she minded much - she really didn’t blend in well, especially with her pale skin and freckles, brown hair and blue eyes that resembled the old blue skies of a long forgotten planet.

Setting the box down, Coralina adjusted her jacket and let out a sigh, looking to her floating companion, a little ball known as Node. “You could help, you know.” She stated to it, but the only answer was a little electronic chirp. “Sure, sure…leave the heavy lifting to the human.” Her voice was a grumble as she took note of voices and turned her gaze toward her left.

There was a small group of people and she instantly recognized one of them: Mitth Astra. She only knew the red head due to, well, her red hair. Over the time she’d been on the Chimera she’d spotted the young woman, only a year younger than herself, often with Thrawn. Not once had she had the courage to step up and speak to her, though, because that man frightened the brunette. He was tall, intelligent and had an air around him that demanded obedience.

Coralina wasn’t the best at being obedient, so she’d learned to avoid him and kept to herself, getting her work done. On the rare occasion she did get to pilot, she was even more quiet and had to use all her personal will power to keep her mouth shut and listen. Those were painful days, but she’d gotten through them.

Gulping, she glanced at Node. “What?” She asked softly, knowing what the little droid was thinking.

She should go up and speak to them.

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