Winteroak's awards

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Year One

Game: Children of the Atlas

Awarded: Aug 21, 2021

For: One year and counting


Belt Stretcher

Game: Burden of Hope

Awarded: May 18, 2021

For: For shouldering the Burden of Hope!


Rain of the Septims ;)

Game: The Elder Scrolls: Prelude to Oblivion

Awarded: Mar 9, 2021

For: For having faith in and passion for this game, and for being the first Player, you are awarded 50 gp


Story Forge Winner

Game: Story Forge: Reforged!

Awarded: Nov 5, 2019

For: For a witty take on superhero sidekicks!


Wrinkles Matter Winner!

Game: OW Community Platform

Awarded: Sep 2, 2019

For: For creating and submitting the character that won the Wrinkles Matter Challenge! Congrats!


Voted Favorite Writer May 2018

Game: OW Community Platform

Awarded: Jun 1, 2018

For: You were seen by the majority of commenting Platformers as a Role Model Writer!