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Introducing the Newest Ongoing Worlds Community Honor Recipients

It’s been far too long since we awarded an OngoingWorlds Community Honor (OWCH), but I think it’s important to recognise when someone has done something great in the community.

Tbh there’s so much awesomeness going on right now actually, the community around OngoingWorlds is blossoming, and it feels like there’s loads of events going on all the time that span not just this community, but the entire roleplaying community. Here’s the new recipients of the OWCH:

Nim, Largehobbit & Chris

The OngoingWorlds’ Community Platform (see here) has been excellent for our community, and has got people together and chatting in such a great way, that we’re going to award an OWCH to Nim, who created the group, and keeps it active and interesting and welcoming, as well as moderators Largehobbit & Chris.

Nim is also on the top 10 scoreboards for the most posts of last year, and the highest wordcount (see the scoreboards here).

Largehobbit is also really high on the scoreboard for the wordcount last year, and is a prolific writer in multiple games, as well as being moderator of Maelstrom & Beyond the Ragnarok.

Chris is a Hero Member who supports the site, which is so important to keeping the site running! (you can also become a Hero Member by donating here) He writes for his Star Wars Rogue Moon game, and has recently volunteered to organise the next Squiddie awards.

Major Tom & Lieutenant Dan

Major Tom through his writing and Lieutenant Dan through his graphics are hereby cited with the OWCH for their collective efforts with the satire news blog Outpost 42 News. Their original and fitting style of humour has brought many readers to laughter.

Tom and Dan have also covered OngoingWorlds in 2 of their articles:

The OWCH is presented by the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors for service above and beyond the call of duty to the OngoingWorlds community. Past awards have been bestowed for writing blog articles, running major events, encouraging & inspiring others, and more.