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So I created a text adventure

Text adventureOne of the very first computer games I ever played was a text-adventure based on Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail. It was basic, but hilarious.

In the adventure, you had to type “go north” to travel to a different area, and “Pick up key” etc to pick stuff up. It’s dead basic but because it was pure text, it allowed silly things to happen. Like an encounter with the Nights who say “ni”, who say “ni” to you so many times you shrivel up into a pile of bath salts. Read More


Good Video Games for RPGs – S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Roughly two weeks ago I published the first in a multi-article series of good video games for RPG’s. This is inspired by Chris’s fantastic article 10 TV shows that could make good roleplaying games. What makes a good story in a video game may not make a good story when you have half a dozen people trying to carve out their own legacies within this world. Read More


Video Games that Would Make Great PbP Games

The protagonists of a dozen different video games. Astoundingly all but one of them have zombies of one form or another. Read More


Instant video game fun vs difficult roleplaying writing

Motprstorm Apocalypse
This is a subject that I’ve thought long and hard about, and I’d love to say that I always do the right thing here, but often I’m just as guilty as everyone else. Let me explain…

I love writing, and I love roleplaying, I’ve been involved in play-by-post games for about 15 years, and GM of my own game for over 10 of them. I write a new post about characters in my game about once a week, and if anyone ever asks me I tell them I love it. That’s true, I do love it.

I love roleplaying in play-by-post games so much that I want to encourage as many people to take it up as a hobby as I can, and I honestly believe they’ll love it too. For me there’s nothing better than being in control of a sprawling and unpredictable story that you’re constantly writing with friends.

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