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Summary: The Requisition Officer of nightmares and a pretty annoying god to boot.

Given Crowley

Gender: Male

Age: The math rquirded to figure out his age does not exist

Group: Civillians & Other


Quantum Entangled Human


Ex-Requisition Officer, Former God of the Rat People

Physical Appearance

Given is stocky and a bit heavy set at about 5'8". He has short dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He hardly ever shaved before the accident and thus, in his total unchangingness, after the incident he has a a short beard that seems to forever be on the line between "are you trying to grow a beard?" and "I see your growing a beard" without ever growing any longer.
He hasn't aged in a very, very, very long time (this will be explained in greater detail in his history). He is always seen wearing a nice black suit and jacket which he claims to have stolen from death when the bastard tried to take in during the incident.

Personality and Interests

Given likes to think of himself as a professional bastard. When he was a Requisition Officer he made everyone's life a living hell by insisting that they had to do him favors or paperwork or whatever they wanted would get lost somewhere in the endless miles of red tape the internal workings of the JMC Requisition Department was known for.
He was very good at his job though and when he was satisfied by whatever pointless task he made someone do to earn his services he could easily bypass the red tape and get whatever it was they wanted. It was a little known fact that there really wasn't all that much red tape, it was in fact a carefully constructed lie so that no one outside the requisition offices would ever understand how the requisition offices worked.
He had a Napoleon complex, he would gladly admit it, though he would often claim that Napoleon had a Given Complex because he was better at it. However since the incident he has developed much more of a God Complex, and even he admits that God is better at a God Complex than him.
He is lucky in that being totally unchanging he was unable to grow insane. He remained the same arrogant ass he always was.


Given Crowley is a third generation JMC Requisition Officer. His father was a Requisition Officer, his mother was a Requisition Officer. They often joked that the only reason they got married was that they each requisitioned a boy/girlfriend close to the same time. 3 of his grandparents were Requisition Officers (his other grandparent sold office supplies and made a killing from the JMC).
From a young age he learned to be manipulative and callous, two traits needed to be a good Requisition Officer. He would often make his friends fill out long complicated forms to come to his birthday parties, which as it always turned out he got a lot of guests. His parents were quite rich (when you can manipulate the JMC like they could there was no way they would ever be poor) and his birthday parties were always events that would make local papers.
At the age of 18 he joined the JMC as a Junior Requisition Officer. Though it only took him a few months to reach the position of Requisition Officer. There he remained, stationed on Earth, for some time.
Then the made sure he was transfered into space, his parents had gotten far to involved in his life and he had decided to move on.
He spent many years bouncing from ship to ship until he at last made his home on Blue Dwarf.
Less than a week later he died.
Well not really, but he got damn close. When the ship was flooded with Cadmium II he made it to the stasis pods just fine. Only the stasis pod he climbed into was slightly damaged. Not enough to not work properly, just enough to not form a perfect time seal. Somehow the pod created a quantum entanglement field around him that had the odd affect of both making him a non-event mass and by some bizarre twist of quantum mechanics enabling him to still interact with things of normal temporal mass. This meant that he would never age, could not truly die, would never get hungry or tired, but he could still kick someone in the groin if they annoyed him.
However this paradox broke his stasis booth and he was stuck spending nearly 2.5 million years wandering the decks of blue dwarf getting quite bored.
After a million or so years he was lucky enough to find a colony of rats that grew sentient and built an advanced society. He told them that he was god and that they should worship him. They believed him only after they imprisoned him for a few thousand years.
From then on he would be God of the Rat People, or at least until most of them died out.
Now there are only a few left, who for some odd reason have become atheists and refuse to believe in him anymore. He tried to convince them of his existence for some time, but every time he would try to talk to them they would stick their fingers in their ears a scream until he went away.
He has since then spent much of his time drawing large complex murals in the cargo decks, telling the story of his 2.5 million years of life. This took him some time as the size of his ego would not allow for a simple retelling of events, they would have be be larger than life and twice as good.

Favourite Sayings

"This is the blue form, you wanted the green form."
"I tried dying once, it was rubbish."
"I was a Requisition Officer, then I became a god, it wasn't as different as you would think."

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