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Image of Nora Greenee

Summary: She would rather be stuck on the space-ship alone with just her plants.

Nora Greenee

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Scientists


Probably human.


Botanist, specialising in genetically engineered plant life.

Physical Appearance

Five-foot tall, mousey hair, spiky pixie cut, weirdly long limbs and kinda chubby, always wears clothes at least one size too big, small pointed nose, bulging eyes, too big feet.

Personality and Interests

Stubborn, makes up for her lack of height with a feisty attitude. Her main interest is in plant life- plant lady is the new cat lady -she breeds genetically altered talking plants who are some of her best friends. She carries whisky around with her in a thermos. Tends to be overly sarcastic to the point where you can't really tell if she's being serious or not most of the time.


Couldn't find much work on Earth after most of the plant life was destroyed by industries. Had to join the JMC after to getting into gambling debt betting on the Chelsea Flower Show- which was only because it had been a surprisingly bad year for magnolias that year.

Favourite Sayings

'As my old man used to say...'

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