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Summary: I, I think I have amnesia. Ah smeg... well, at least I can remember how to speak English.

I think it started with an A...

Gender: Female

Age: Mid 20s maybe?

Group: Civillians & Other


Human, probably...


I can't remember... so I guess I'll take whatever work I can get.

Physical Appearance

My hair is currently platinum blonde, although my roots look a lot darker, so I guess I had my hair dyed that color. My eyes are a brownish-amber color, and I'm rather short and slender.

My nails are currently uncolored, I have no jewlery, and I'm wearing an ugly light-gray jumpsuit.

Other than that, I have a mysterious, V-shaped scar on my neck.

Personality and Interests

I don't like being judged, so stop looking at me like that. I seriously can't remember anything right now, and I'm trying not to freak out about that, SO STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! I'M NOT STUPID OR BRAIN DAMAGED OR SOMETHING!!!

... Sorry, I guess I can be bipolar even on a good day, and today isn't exactly a good day.


I woke up from a stasis pod, and that's pretty much all I can remember at the moment.

(Will be updated as I begin to remember stuff).

Favourite Sayings

"I'm sure I'll remember some fun sayings soon, but if I don't, I'll be sure to steal a saying from one of you guys."

"Why pineapples? I'd much rather us all be a magnificent unicorns than pineapples."

(Nim Comment: I promise I won't write my posts in first person, I just thought I'd try it out with A's profile. I can change it if this isn't appropriate.)

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Image of I think it started with an A...
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