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Image of Elmer the Hamster

Summary: An evolved hamster who likes to tinker.

Elmer the Hamster

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Gender: M

Age: 7

Group: Civillians & Other




Being Annoying

Physical Appearance

Heavy set with overalls, a toolbelt, protruding teeth, boots amd a ballcap.

Personality and Interests

Think of the cat from Red Dwarf if he was obsessed with John Deere instead of fancy suits.

His interests are tinkering and shiny things.


3 million years, evolved from someone's pet hamster.

And that's it! What? You were expecting a novel or something! These beings are notorious for being lazy, unlike their ancestors, who got to use an exercise wheel.

Favourite Sayings

"That's my shiny thing!"

"If you apes are gonna use that, I'll have to be on stand by to fix it when you break it!"

"Who drank all the water?"

"You monkeys don't have a gym on this thing?"

"I need a nap!"

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