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Summary: An angry doctor who loves suspicious ointments

Dr Charles/Xavier Keto

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Group: Medical Department


Dr Keto is human, though with the inner rage of a demon and the bedside manner of a brick in the face.


Chief Medical Officer.

Physical Appearance

6"1' tall, 197 lbs. Keto has blue eyes that permanently hold an irritated expression, with dark brown hair. He always looks somewhat exasperated, as if he wishes he were somewhere else.

Personality and Interests

Dr Keto believes that anything, absolutely anything, can be cured by the use of enough ointment. Patient has a headache? Put some ointment on their head! Patient needs a leg amputated? A little ointment will sort that out right away! Patient is in severe pain and screaming to be put out of their misery? Never fear, ointment's here!

Lately, Dr Keto's fairly calm, quiet exterior has revealed more of what has rapidly shown itself to be a seething core of suppressed rage and sarcastic vengeance. The only thing he runs out of faster than patients is...well...patience.
Originally believed to be the Dr Keto who passed medical school with flying colours, Xavier Keto has recently been revealed to be the twin brother of that Keto. Having removed his brother's brain and placed it in a jar, Xavier Keto then proceeded to take over his life during medical school, use the brain to pass the exams (excel at them, in fact) and secure a place aboard the Blue Dwarf.

This merely serves to confirm the idea that Dr Keto is Not A Nice Guy.


Born on Earth, there were originally two Keto brothers - Charles and Xavier. Both were enrolled in medical school at a young age.

While Charles excelled at everything, Xavier merely excelled at theory, something he became quite bitter about - he should have been lauded for his genius, but instead found himself overshadowed by his brother.

Within his first six months at the school, Xavier had an accident. Locked in an ointment-brewing laboratory overnight, the fumes acted upon his brain enough to unhinge the already fairly unstable Keto, causing him to become obsessed with ointment.

During his final year, there was a fire at the medical school. Charles Keto was injured and, in the confusion, Xavier Keto seized his opportunity. Performing his own risky operation, he transferred his brother's brain to a jar. Keeping it alive through artificial brain ointment, Xavier used the brain to pass his exams.

He proceeded to pass with honours, secured a nice job, excelled at everything...and finally joined the Blue Dwarf.
His temper has grown steadily worse over the years, and he now tends to get very sarcastic and angry at the slightest things.

Favourite Sayings

"Bring me ointment!"

"I loathe you."

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