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Kara McGellam

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Navigation Dept & Pilots




Pilot/JMC spy

Physical Appearance

Hard-light hologram. 5"2'. Strawberry blonde medium length hair. Always armed with her blaster in case threats need a little spice to them. Usually wearing her Nazi Space Corp uniform. But has been known to suddenly become rampant insane cowgirl when intoxicated.

Personality and Interests

When the JMC turned evil in 2111, Kara was reprogrammed by Justin Pancake to obey JMC orders nomatter what. Kara is now dedicated to the JMC and will try and sabotage Amber and any of the resistance. She takes her orders directly from the JMC "Board of Directors".


Grew up with her father who was a Space Corp pilot, Kara was raised to live for the profession. She became a top notch pilot in the Space Corp, until her death in a piloting accident when she collided with an asteroid. The JMC brought her back to continue her career on the Blue Dwarf

During the rebellion against the JMC in 2111, Kara sided with the evil JMC and refused to join the rebellion. Instead she hides in the shadows and continues to undermine Amber and the rebels. In 2111 she convinced Justin Pancake to plant a bomb in Amber's office which caused Seymour to lose his legs.

Favourite Sayings

"Who's up for a round?"

"My face is up here, smeghead."

"Say that again, I dare ya."

"That manuever is way outdated. Let me show how it's really done."

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